STRANGER DOG TRESPASSES in our HOUSE! (FUNnel FUNnel Family SURPRISE VISIT! 3 weeks ago   10:32

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Well Funnel Cakes, OREO is of no help when it comes to getting a dog out of our house!! That's right a strange dog came into our HOUSE!!!! Thumbs up if you enjoyed the vlog.

First a mean ol neighbor comes in and now this! Watch our neighbor house vid:

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if u like this comment I'll trick you

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Sarah Wood
I love you funnel vision
Strawberry Fork
100 likes and Maggie will get her eye fix
Miriam Småsund
news:dognapped by bigfoot
me:OH NO!*calls superman*
superman:*helps magie*
news:superman saved the day
HendSlime PH
I just learned something if your dog plays with a stranger dog, your dog will get rabies
hannah pentecost
If you scare a dog away it won’t get them away still just bite your face off and you’ll be dead I want to get them off and little puppies can not scared big dogs away I just scared of big dogs
Yaels Tv help me grow my YouTube just posted my first video
Y. Acevedo
Duudy play a game like fun run3
mod machine
Look at the coallier
It’s someone’s dog it has a collar
Ivi S-Mac
1like=10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 likes for everyone in this video
Ivi S-Mac
I had a stray cat come to my home now its mine cat
Ryder Rogan
1:18 actually the one only thing do is when there's a dog in the backyard that you don't want and what you do is..... BELT
Tasha Gamer 100 Video Gamer Kid
Maggie x OREO
Jc Lalremkima
Fgteev Duddy Are You Scared Of Dogs🤣🤣🤣🤣
Faryn Eagen
Same not joking
Alemitu Sisay
FGTEEV duddy DO makeup🤗
vena ZHWAR
Dog? Si to. Blodwes Awwwwww
Rachel W
Hey who’s the camera man ftv🎃🎃🎃🎃
Barbara Litton
omg it is loob
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FUNnel Family SURPRISE VISIT! STRANGER DOG TRESPASSES in our HOUSE! (FUNnel 3 weeks ago   09:13

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