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Dormitory In Yonsei University (Songdo | Songdo City - Cisco Connected - At Up-Tube.com

Dormitory in Yonsei University (Songdo Songdo City - Cisco Connected 2 days ago   03:51

Woori UIC
Here is the short dormitory tour of Yonsei International Campus at Songdo, Incheon. Underwood International College freshmen are required to stay here for 1 year and depending on their majors, they will move to Sinchon Campus in 2nd year or continue staying in Songdo.

Special thanks to our friends YungHian, Irene, Najwa and Chelsea for being a part of this video.

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Eonni syalfa
You from malaysia / indonesia ?
Cameron Liberio
Would either of you be OK with exchanging emails or something? I got accepted to UIC and should be getting the welcome packet any day now. I'm nervous as all hell about what to do with the welcome packet and I'm sure I'm going to have some questions and it would be SUPER helpful to have the contact of someone who has been through the process
Mee ee
Thanks for this helpful video. I plan to apply for Korean Language Parogram at Yonsei university. The university korean program. And after I asked them about the location they said it's in global campus sangdo. You have also attended the Yonsei korean language classes I think (as you've mentioned in previous videos). ? I've heard good things about Yonsei klp. But how good is the program? Do you know any other program which is better than Yonsei? Please let me know....
Bella Des
It makes me so happy that they have Arizona tea over there...only one year left
wenling Lu
I am curious about Yonsei's uniform. Is this for sale? And can exchange student live in hall? Thanks.
black blossom
if Malaysia people study at there but doesn't know Korean is it okay??
Perry potato
I cant wait to go! Im staying at Yonsei for one month with the program CIEE
Gabriel Zelin
SNU pleaseeee :))
Noon Hassan
hello girls, thank you for the nice videos. you're both so cute
G abby
im confused on where and who stay in the dorms. Where do the international students go too ? Do the go to sinchon or songdo, or are the togather ? or can you choose. I reallyy wanna study abroad at yonsei, but im confused on the process and how i will be able to attend. ( im a junior in high school) PLease help me, Thanks! And amazing vidoe
Rindana Mei
whoaa cool. I wish I could continue my study there. Allahuma Amin :))))
Rindana Mei
whoaa cool. I wish I could continue my study there. Allahuma Amin :))))
Hi! Do you know which campus the students of the Asian Studies Division (under HASS of UIC) go to? Also, is it possible to live outside the campus during the freshman year? Thank you!
omg I miss that campus! Dorms A, B and C are slightly smaller but if you get the 2 person dorm in the other dorms, the layout is
Is there a designated area to put your suitcases? Like how the double has space under the beds?
Es AlAli
I am curious ,, could you get a room of your own or you have to share ?? I don't really like sharing my room thats why :(
Beyzanur C.
maşallah you  are so sweet! I wouldn't think that Korea has too muslim students thats kind of nice! :)
I would like to have dorm friends like you when I got in uni.And why should I go uni in Korea is which I wonder, or how could I win.Can you make a video about to find HALAL food in Korea?Or about Ramadan?Do they insert alcohol in everything?
Faiez Al-Rahmad
Are you indonesian people @amalia?
Thank you both for posting this video, it was very illustrative! I'm moving to Songdo Campus a month from now for my freshman year. Hope to see you around!
Shannon Chew
Dear Amalia and Thanh,
I've searched online that Songdo is actually pretty small (around 6 square kilometers I think). Despite being such a small city, why is it so underpopulated? I think its a little sad for UIC students who are there for all 4 years instead of moving to seoul like you guys. Do you think that the population in Songdo will increase soon? Do UIC students commute to Seoul often? 

Thank you! :)
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Songdo City - Cisco Connected Dormitory in Yonsei University (Songdo 2 days ago   04:35

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