22 Truths About Game of Thrones Game of Thrones without the special 1 day ago   11:40

Game of Thrones continues to impress us with its plot twists. Stories from behind the scenes of your favorite TV show can be just as interesting as the main plotlines.
The Dothraki language has a vocabulary of over 3,000 words and continues to grow. The language was created by David Joshua Peterson for the TV series.
The recipe for pigeon pie was not created by George R. R. Martin: he borrowed it from the 16th-century author Giovanni de’ Rosselli.
Game of Thrones hit all the possible ratings and became the most pirated TV series of all time.
In one episode, one of the spikes at the Red Keep displays the prosthetic head of a former President George Bush. The directors of the show sell replicas of the actual Iron Throne for $30,000 (height: 7′ 2″; weight: 350 pounds).
A replica of Gandalf’s sword from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit is forged inside the Iron Throne.
Sansa’s clothing has sent very deliberate messages to her allies and her enemies on multiple occasions. Her wedding dress tells us her life story: a trout and a wolf on the belt mean that she was born in House Stark and House Tully.

You can learn the Dothraki language. 1:00
Serve your own pigeon pie. 1:38
Game of Thrones is becoming a Harvard class. 2:15
It’s the most pirated show. 2:41
Mother of slugs. 3:13
No audition for Tyrion. 3:44
George Bush’s head on a spike. 4:16
A mixtape dedicated to Game of Thrones. 4:48
HBO sells the Iron Throne. 5:08
Gandalf’s sword is in the Iron Throne.5:33
70 ways to say "Hodor." 5:59
Madonna goes full Khaleesi. 6:26
A message in Sansa’s dress. 6:49
Maester Aemon’s actor is also blind. 7:33
Myrcella and Tommen date in real life. 8:00
Jon Snow and Arya Stark’s original romance plot. 8:16
4 characters for 1 actor. 8:49
Catelyn Stark is the mother of Hermione Granger. 9:10
Viserys is related to Dickens. 9:38
Theon is Lily Allen’s brother. 9:53
The Walk of Shame was real. 10:23
Young George R. R. Martin looks like Jon Snow. 10:54


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Hey there, are you a fan of GOT? Which season is your favorite?
MyMagic LouLou
God, that GoT is become class of harvard? That books are based by some historical ideas though. How low the education level of harvard can be? The prince from machiavelli is more accurate for history class
Ignas Jarutis
Jorah Mormont was a very cool guy 😢
mateen hashmi
Cereie Lannister
Thao Nguyen
All 6 of the steak kids should have took Jeffrey put him in a basement and tortured him
Linn Söndergaard
My absolute favorite characters are Tormund Giantsbane and Jorah Mormont.
But also Bronn, Robb, Eddard and late Jaime❤
My Creations
Its prounced Hermooinneee or hermione
Manish Kumar
Plz add subtitles
Enter 10
Enter 10
Jon snow
Disaster Girl-X96
So no one is gonna talk about the idea of Jon Snow with Arya Stark together??! xD
Marco Arrantez
Jon Snow and Ygritte. Married in real life.
Fact 8 is complete BS. Firstly, Aimee Richardson is Myrcella’s first actress (both Myrcella and Tommen were recast). The one that was rumoured to be dating Dean-Charles Chapman was Nell Tiger Free (Myrcella’s second actress). Secondly, this was never confirmed. Isaac Hempstead-Wright, Dean-Charles Chapman and Nell Tiger Free were all very close friends so it likely became a rumour purely because they hung out a lot. Boys and girls can be friends without dating each other.
Akhrie Odyuo
Meg Farina
Her-my-o-knee Granger
The directors sell replicas of the iron throne? I think you mean producers.
Mary Madrid
Cat-lin stark. Her-my-on-ee Granger.
Rodney Tyson Jr
Some of the names are completely butchered by the voiceover actor.
5:32 they put the real King of all series on a throne of a "meh" serie
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Game of Thrones without the special 22 Truths About Game of Thrones 1 day ago   03:29

So dragons aren’t real then. But then in Game of Thrones nothing seems to be real, even down to the windows!
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