Monster Trucks Explore Abandoned Axel's Giant Birthday Present 6 months ago   14:22

The Axel Show
On this Episode of The Axel and Daddy Show, Axel and His Daddy are exploring an abandoned school bus with their Monster Trucks! They even have a monster truck that IS a school bus! School busses are so interesting to kids and so are monster trucks for children. Enjoy!

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Axel's Giant Birthday Present Monster Trucks Explore Abandoned 6 months ago   05:53

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On this episode of the Axel Show, it is Axel's 6th birthday! Axel's Daddy gets him a present that is over 5' tall! The catch is, that the present is actually just Axel's Daddy and the kids in a giant box! Come and watch as Axel figures out that his friends are the best birthday presents he could ever have!

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