The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez New! Ocasio-Cortez Gets SCHOOLED 2 weeks ago   23:05

Mr Reagan
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Mr Reagan
NOTE: I switched up some of the dates on these videos I'm showing so they're all wrong. Sorry guys. Pay no attention to the dates.
Some Canine
Justice Democrats were the left-wing version of the Tea Party.
gaurangi shah
You obviously have not read Shakespeare. So let me help you dispel your stupidity-

All the world is a stage and all of us mere actors!
ken sharborough
What about the Muslim candidates?
Kevin N
If Alexandria had to debate a turnip the turnip would win.
Michael Bisceglia
I’m sorry but I’ve been military for 30years and counting. I was on the battle ground with my brothers. Women weren’t in the army in the fields. I joined when I was 18: when My Commander in Chief was Ronald Reagan. Thee Reagan. And my brothers came from all walks of life. Black , Hispanic, e en Asian. And all kinds of religions. All Christians except one Jewish man but he was just as I portent ! I
There is no room or time for racism in wartime . You watch my back I watch yours. Like the line in the first Rambo movie. I then became an army Ranger , special ops. I fought against terrorist and some say we are not supposed to be there . The young college kids and the ones who are too stupid for college and they become SJWs.they call me and my friends murderers and we kill innocent woman and kids and use babies as targets for practice?! And all kinds of garbage. I ever killed a child or hurt them in Any way and I would Never kill an innocent baby! I almost thought about killing myself after that. Do these masters in their own minds rich parentscry bullies even know what the are spewing out? I would have given my life for a baby and you ask any of us and we will tell you the same., we were fighting Terrorist organizations like Isis .and radical Muslims. Of course not all. Not all Muslims are isis but 99% of isis is Muslim..they want to take over the World! And young people say we are the problem?! Their religion they want to be the riliom of the world. Through any means possible. If you don’t covert, you die, usually by getting your head chopped off. I am protecting the US from terror attacks because God knows they would love that. I ha e won many medals after being in bagel but the fact I’m here to type this is the biggest thing I’m grateful for. Now I still go out in the field as a Colonel. Online to being a one Star General ! I made it through med school with the help of the government. My parents died when I was an infant so I could have gone on a pell grant. Now I’m a doctor and surgeon who also studded pathology so I preform surgery on people who aren’t going to feel any pain. I try to find the cause of death in n high profile people. Some people fall of cliffs or set themselves on fire to take their lives. Most just use a gun to shoot themselves in the head. But a lot of these guys had new babies and loving wives and family. They were very happy guys. So why would they all kill themselves? And if someone is right handed they usually use their left hand to pull the trigger. So if the guns on the right side and the entrance wound is on the right we may have a murder, that sort of thing. I’m home now getting some rest but I’ll, be either back in the fields of Syria or doing a job somewhere.I but seeing that fat greaseball pig and his SJWs makes me feel like sending my brothers
Get hit ten feet away from me and there’s a big hole we’re his head used to be and his brain matter is all over the place and on me! I’m sorry. I just get upset when I see these spoiled brats who never worked an honest days wirk in there lives thinking they’re better than me because I killed people. I killed who I had to and that’s it! There was one time I was young and so was the Iranian boy. We saw each other and shot our guns up towards each other and we were both scared so I gently
It my gun facing down then he looked at me funny and did the sane. After about ten. Knutes we were talking to each other. Thank God he spoke
English.. he was just as scared as I was. He took out his wallet and showed me a photo of his. O, and his sweetheart. Then I showed him mine. We both thought we were lucky men, that was a good day for me in the army, I just don’t want Progressives in our government. They are anti constitutionalist and are trying to undermine our country and make it socialist! That’s not what I sighned up for. Please forgive. Ecbut sometimes I just get. Dry u
Set about people who want to take what I and many of my brothers fought for for the last two hundred and fjfty yesrs fkr and we cant ,et them get away eith kt !
Derrick Arrowsmith
I knew something was up with her!
speaking of being used as a pawn. what do u think about her wanting Amazon in NY after denying them the first time? i saw people defending her in comment sections about it only for her to go back on her word.
John Adams
Mr. Reagan. I just watched part 2 before this and watched part 1 just now.  this justice gang or whatever they are called. Forget about having this talked about on channels.  this is some very serious stuff and a threat to our country more than I realized. you need to try to email Donald trump himself, perhaps Mitch mcConnel,  Linsday graham, people high up  that an be trusted and  immidately have them request an FBI and CIA investigation of these people and root them out, and have them  get their right to live in America revoked. Not AOC herself, or the other 2 congresswomen , you show they are just pawns. but these masterminds need to be dealth with immidately.
TyTisNPC_corporate MSMwallStreetBIGpharma
Chunk very fat Yogurt
John Ross
Ocasio-Cortez, along with chief of staff and former campaign chair Saikat Chakrabarti, have been removed from the board of the political action committee after previously holding “legal control over the entity" in late 2017 and early 2018.
Michael Bisceglia
You should see the liberty hound. He told why Cenk got kicked out on the justice Dems . He’s a pervert. He blogged about how he was living in Florida and he saw so many beautiful women. He wanted to have sex with all of them. He said there was an oven of chests. He used a different word for a woman’s chest. He boasted about his sex life ,which I’m sure was a lie. But he said about the ocean of chest, I’m just getting bits of water but I want the whole ocean. So he was and still is I’m sure , a pervert and probably makes his wife do all kinds of things for him. It figures the guy used to be a Muslim. Ow he just defends them. If he’s such a social warrior, why doesn’t he call out radical Muslims when they perform an act of Terrorism. He blames someone else all the time. .
Michael Bisceglia
The liberty hound says the head guy your talking about is not important.
Love this!
Michael Bisceglia
Cenk was kicked out of the Justice Dems when gross blogs talking about sex and how he will leave a girl if he doesn’t have an . Orgasm. And sick things and left doesn’t do not do.
Michael Bisceglia
The liberty hound disagrees with you.
Santino Vergara Castro
Am glad AOC makes so many of you crazy beyond belief...What you miss to realize is that AOC is just using the same "dirty" tricks the right has been using for years...Hate the game not the player !!!
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