10 of the World’s Craziest Tents You Can Actually Frickin' TASER Nerf Darts 2 weeks ago   24:00

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Join us today on DOPE or NOPE as we unbox and try out 10 AWESOME tents, and put them to the test to see how comfortable they really are! We'll be putting these tents through some fun and hilarious 'real life' weather test, in order to see which are the best (including a 'real life' visit from the sasquach). Comment down below which tent was your favorite, and subscribe to see more videos like this in the future!

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Comments 4343 Comments

im Qaik
Peyton Anthony
There’s one with screen room and like 20 other features for only $600
Peyton Anthony
Get the one demo Ranch has
Bri Sav
One like equals one emoji
Peyton Anthony
I hade a tent with 3 rooms and a full door and you could put air conditioners in it and it had wall plug ins
CmdrRyker05 Gaming
A yurt is a real thing. SMH
Marcus vids 1905
Like of a devil 👹
CmdrRyker05 Gaming
Phoneas and Frob.
andrew trinidad
Are u still with team edge
Threzz With a z
Haha there pushing you trout it you was wind
Makaira Kennedy
“Today’s video might get a little, intense...😌😏”
Al S
legend playz
I have the second tent
min yuri
did nyone else think Michael said lover?
Itz Just MeYT
Nicola George
I’m 5’3
That’s my height :3
Alexander Forsyth
Let’s see ya’ll go gLAmPiNg
Therase Jenkinsn
doctor who
Presley virbalis
15:48 "I'm High Up Here!"
These guys make a lot of money owning 3 different channels that have over 1 mil
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Frickin' TASER Nerf Darts 10 of the World’s Craziest Tents You Can Actually 2 weeks ago   09:14

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