Hong Kong protests: Police Who is supplying Hong Kong's protesters? 2 days ago   01:02

Hong Kong police fired tear gas in Sham Shui Po on Wednesday (Aug 14) to disperse protesters who had gathered outside the police station there. Some of the protesters were also burning joss paper for the Hungry Ghost Festival. Read more: https://cna.asia/300Ho6Z

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Sandwitch Chan
Damn they make the LAPD look good
shame USA,dirty dog
Eddie Cheang
The Hong Kong govt is being very patient and soft on these rioters, imagine what if these happen in the USA and in one of the ASEAN countries! Water cannon (with colored water to identify the rioters), armor vehicles, helicopters and even live ammunition would be used!
cleson poison
why again they use us flag. in us they probably get shot by real gun. they are very dumb to not realise that US has freedom but does not mean they have the freedom to riot all they want!
Net Engineer
Severely suppress and crack down on the extreme violence of Hong Kong
This is what China does to people !
Alvin Leong
Capitalism is never sustainable...
Bersih! Let's hope for New Chinas.
0:20 carrying light saber.

the force is strong with this one...Jedi?? lol
THIS PEOPLE WHO wearS yellow hat ARE RIOTERS..THey DO NOT DESERVE HAVE freedom AND democracy!THEY attack police AND people without any reasons!
Ants when they don’t get their food be like:
Fusion illusions
HK should be set free and become another Singapore. They are capable to be another power financial house ..so let HK go and be it's own country...let it gooooo
Dickson Chee
Usa flag again god got no eye see
thin red line
Fire 40mm grenades FFS, not some lame ass tear gas
Come on I have been promoting the use of LRAD for past week....tear gas is useless, got collateral damage and cost ineffective
Weng Sheng
bad job HK 👍🇭🇰
good job HK...
Eric Tan
The HK police cannot frame protesters. In the Causeway Bay incident, the police claimed that the protester dropped his stick while being arrested and the policeman was merely putting the stick back into the protester's rucksack. Police frameup!

If this had been a drug bust and the alleged drug courier dropped the drug packet, is it police SOP to put the drugs back into the drug courier's rucksack?? That's planting evidence and a frameup!!

The Chinese man who was attacked at the HK airport was a China spy. He said he was a "tourist" but later revealed as a Global Times reporter (a mere cover?). He LIED. Why didn't he say he was a reporter? Why didn't he wear the Press vest with Press ID card.
free limmy
I support the polices, shoots them .
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Who is supplying Hong Kong's protesters? Hong Kong protests: Police 2 days ago   04:49

As anti-government protests in Hong Kong enter their 10th week with no end in sight, safety equipment including gas masks and helmets are in high demand among demonstrators.

Make-shift donation stations have been popping up around protests sites since the movement started, with people donating things such as food, medical supplies and safety gear.

We take a look at the grassroots donation system to see how supporters and donors help keep the protesters out on the streets week after week.

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