Stephen A. reacts to Khabib Nurmagomedov UFC 205: Khabib Nurmagomedov Octagon 3 weeks ago   06:54

Ariel Helwani, Chael Sonnen and Stephen A. Smith join SportsCenter after UFC 229 to react to Khabib Nurmagomedov beating Conor McGregor and jumping over the Octagon and into the crowd to attack members of McGregor’s team.

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Comments 21084 Comments

Lu Vie
Khabib the best 😍
Gaurav Kapoor
Conner assaulted FIRST you fucking guys. get your facts right...................................
Gaurav Kapoor
Ariel Helwani vicious snake. watch out thats a fuckin jew.
Qaisar Nawaz
Look at them 3 Idiots not talking about when corner attack his bus and religion and Conor team nearly killed few of people in the bus
Qaisar Nawaz
Why khabib is still not getting paid why becouse he Muslim???????
Zahid Mustafa
khabib did right
Has anyone seen the videos? Please see the aftermath videos and check out McNuggets, every time he threw a punch he hid behind security....what a joke.
Marwan Mohamed
bunch of loosers talking about a champion..
Saiyed Farrukh Zaki
Victor Davila
Fu&@ Mcggregor that ass wipe and his team of buffoons where being hateful to Khabib because of his Religion and disrespecting his family and country is wayyyy out of line and where Khabib comes from that is more than enough to kill. What he did was wrong and should be sanctioned but there should be heavy sanctions for Mcggregor and his team too.
Contractor Needed
That was very entertaining to see him destroy McGregor. Let them rematch and he will do it again. Pride goeth before a fall.
Its fight life you suckers don't mess with real men you pig dna degenerates, can't beat them then just slag them off for defending their honor. The shit that was said to him was out of order and so are you pricks condoning it. YOUR BOY GOT SMASHED again. Khabib is our hero and MCtapper is your hype excuse of a man. Chicken man got beat up like a rag doll.
Abdul karim
McGregor :
His almost dead with strangle technique.. 😫
Asif Khan
Finally Conor is ass kicked....
Chael Sonnen is a Loud mouthed "Ass-Licker" for Dana White. He is completely irrelevant & just trying to keep a decent income, the same as he talked his way into a fight with Jon Jones that he did not even remotely deserve.
formerly known as hijodechago
Fuck these 3 clowns.
Dino d
Stephen u nigga wat did u drink .Ur a humiliation for reporter job.
Ur reporting nonsense.
Khabib was constantly provoked by Jujitsu trainer of connor
Enrique Jones
What we are watching is Kahbib starting world war 3. That's what he did and it was planned by the Russians. Hint hint America(Conor) which Irish is allied with America. Kahbib started a War With Americans on American Soil. Kahbib should be stripped and sent back to Russia. This was planned to ruin the UFC and the Defeat of America. There was a Political Agenda behind it. Kahbib Disrespected UFC, Fighters, and Speaking.Musilims, and Started War in American Soil. WoW!!!and they used the UFC to carry out there Agenda. Kahbib is Starting World War 3. With America. He is a Demon
Chael is such a bitch khabib did exactly what he should've at press conference. Conor the one who came late fuck that. You stupid troll you're going get beat the fuck down against Fedor and I can't wait to see it
Chad S.
Ariel & company are caught up in their emotions. Here is the truth of what occurred before, during, and after Khabib's UFC 229 fight.
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UFC 205: Khabib Nurmagomedov Octagon Stephen A. reacts to Khabib Nurmagomedov 3 weeks ago   02:47

Khabib Nurmagomedov dominated at UFC 205 at remains undefeated at 24-0. Nurmagomedov defeated Michael Johnson by submission in the third and final round.