The Fight of the Century Explained - Ali vs Frazier ALL ACCESS: Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor 7 months ago   21:45

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Books on Power & Footwork: It’s hard to think of two boxers more different than Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali, both in the way that they fought, and the way that they lived. But these two champions would come to define each others place in history, each man bringing out the best in the other inside the ring, and the worst outside of it.

They would face off for the first time in 1971, in what came to be known as, The fight of the century.

When the match was scheduled, it was anyone’s guess how the fight would go.

Ali used complex footwork to circle his opponents on the outside, catching them with whipping jabs before dashing in to throw lightning fast combinations.

In contrast, Frazier would drive directly at his opponents. Rather than use traditional footwork to cut off the ring, Frazier would just charge straight in, counting on his cross guard and phenomenal head movement to keep him safe.

Both Frazier and Ali had some of the best defense of all time, but once again, were polar opposites in the way they went about it.

Frazier used his erratic head movement to make opponents miss, ducking in under their punches to catch them with his powerful gazelle hook.

In contrast, Ali would lean far back, making his opponents chase him and overreach so that he could land a perfectly placed counter punch.

Frazier took his power from the ground, exploding off of his deep crouch. Ali got his power from his opponents, tricking them into stepping into his punches for him.

Both men were similar in that they wore their opponents down over time, Frazier with constant wrestling and body shots, Ali with lightning fast jabs that cut and swelled up his opponents eyes, and took the air out of their lungs.

As the two both prepared for their upcoming battle, both were undefeated.

But this match was more than just a clash of styles. Several elements combined to make this fight transcend boxing in the eyes of the public.

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Only just realised how similar Tyson’s style is to Frazier’s
Ghostly 00
1:03 he's dodging those punches like he's Neo or something! That's so crazy looking!
parikshit kumar
you sir, got a subscriber :)
Olenga Gallardo
This fight could have sent anyone else into permanent retirement!
Melaynine Yahi Yahi
Joe Frazier was a monster
Jarrod Naidoo
i was always a smokin joe fan
danzig mcnaniel
It’s so tragic Ali was inactive right at the peak of his prime. He was so finely tuned when they took his boxing license... who knows what he could have accomplished during that time and who knows how good he could have been in his later years without that layoff.
Chuck Coulter
"Frasier smelled blood..." "a deep, shearing shot across the stomach..." I love it, David Christian. Frasier is all of us, neglected, disrespected, kicked around, always forced to prove ourselves. No one put a white light on Smokin' Joe. He had to scrap for everything he had, and when he tasted it, he drove forward, climbing uphill. Frasier won Olympic Gold AFTER making the team as an alternate. AFTER breaking his hand in the second-last fight -- only to return stateside and NOT find backers for a pro-career, until the Cloverlay men, loyal locals, stepped in when they saw the medalist working as a church sextant or janitor without enough cash for family Christmas presents. Frasier: our symbolic meatpacking-district-everyman-southpaw. A man who went to Nixon himself to get Ali's license back, just so JF could silence his critics and naysayers and prove he WAS the champion. I love both fighters. Both are extraordinary. Mt. Olympus-pantheon men, perfect opposites in so many ways, but it is great to see Smokin' Joe wobble the GOAT; in the same way, this makes the GOAT's career, proving he had the heart to dig deep, come back, often beat and sometimes survive men like JF, Foreman (no rematch), and Norton.
That was a cool video hats off to the narrator
Zay Kendrick
I love both fighters but Ali would have murdered him 3 years before.
Cat With A Dick
Two unspeakably awesome guys.
Phoenix Williams
I started boxing around a month ago and I'm loving it, like crazily, but I always felt like something was off, this came up in my recommended and after watching I now have a favourite way to fight, fucking love you Joe, your style fells so right
Jack Boland
I thought Ali’s biggest fight was with foreman this looks great to
19:25 the moment when it mirrored japanese action animes whereby the male protagonist and main villain both do their final attack at the same time
Frankfurter Oceanic
"by the name, of George Foreman"
Hey i have one of those!
Dot Quack
felt like an anime battle lmfaooo
Dakota Travis
Look at Frazier's body language and his movements, this is what a human looks like that is 110% sure of itself how powerful
Grace Kelly
Best video on youtube about this fight, no stupid music, just documentary like breakdown and analysis... I got new respect for Ali for taking Joe's powerful left hook and getting up in 2 seconds.
Josh Hamm
I wonder if Ali could do the rumble in the jungle except with Tyson?!?! What y'all think,?
I dont get it i never watched boxing but how the fuck did they manage to stand after 15 rounds? Fucking machines this ali dude and this frenzier
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ALL ACCESS: Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor The Fight of the Century Explained - Ali vs Frazier 7 months ago   25:34

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