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Considering A Gas Or Diesel Pickup? Watch | Heavy Duty Gas Or Diesel? Which - At Up-Tube.com

Considering a GAS or DIESEL Pickup? Watch Heavy Duty Gas or Diesel? Which 5 months ago   08:14

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Music by: Autonautix
Music by: Bensound

Comments 1586 Comments

Alex Fore Ri
adventure rhoades
Hopefully ar some point the new 7.3 gas!
Randy Bryant
I love trucks gas and diesel
James Hibbard
Neither, Don't buy Ford, But always get a Diesel
Royce Gaida
Got a source for discounted price on Ram extended warranty?
Mad Mac
Sold my last diesel when fuel got to 4$. That was that. Bought a tundra. It’s 7 years old. Half the cost of any diesel. And it’ll go through the desert WFO still with 191k miles on it. I like bang for the buck and I bet my life on the reliability of mine, literally. Toyota.
J.P. ,'Mingo
Didn’t help much, too many questions not addressed!
Howie Feltersnatch
I went with a 2019 ram 6.4 with 8 speed....i work Alot of double shifts in upstate NY.....u leave work at 7 am...and its 10 degrees out....gotta start your truck....let it warm up seemed like alot of hassle..i need to get to bed...not wait to warm up...i think thats driving the move to the 7.3 gas gms rumored 8.1 and rams rumored 7.0...the def weather and such
So what if you're not doing much towing, but you do mod it out? (Lift, rims and tires, etc...) Would a gas truck be ideal?
Derrick Bullock
For the average joe diesel = chest stuck out look at me I have a diesel. I have a 18 ram 2500 6.4 hemi tow a 9000lb cargo trailer everyday in 6 months it has 30k miles. Mpg with trailer around 10, without is 17 witch I’ve heard from diesel owners is better then what they get. It’s $10000 less than a diesel about a $30 oil change and $0 and 0 headache from def
Nic Bam
One minute and twenty-five seconds in and you're getting a phycological lesson that you give a two-year-old. Thanks for wasting my time!
Rodrigo Amaral
Diesel for real man gasoline for children
Terry Barr
Lots of good information in this video. I'm planning on buying a pickup truck that has the capacity to pull a 7,000lb to 8,000lb travel trailer. I'll be going with a diesel engine, as they are designed for the extra work. If anyone doesn't believe me; take a look at the 18 wheeler's engines. They are all diesels.
PlayHard. GoPr0.
and about towing part?
And high milege with 16-18 feet trailer?
whould you still "recommend" a diesel truck?
And still daily drive..
joses box
Got an 08 Chevy Van with a diesel as my surf rig. When I take it over the border then diesel becomes the more common fuel.
Daniel Anderson
The more and more i think about itz especially with the 7m3 gasser, im probably going to buy a gasser for a new truck. Ive got a decent little hoard of old trucks, inclusing old diesels. So. It makes sense for the smog exemption and fuel economy being in ca. I can get uo to 20 mpgs with my 6.9 where as my 67 352 fe gets 7. No matter what it gets 7, trailer, no trailer, 8% grade, or a very slow gradual downhill with a tailwind over a long distance. It gets 7. But out of state where gas aint as expensive, i can afford an older gas v8. Maintenance is cheaper overall. Less to do. Im actislly going to put a wupercharger and efi on my 67. Keeping the original lookx not looking for any more power but im hoping itll get me around 13 or more mpgs. I miss my cummins thoigh. Well mildly built 24v. Got 20 mpg towing heavy, upwards of 28 on the hwy doing 80. All the power i needed qnd affordable. My 86 will be getting one hopefully. I like my idi but makes more sense to have the cummins.
Jang Lee
Heard diesel trucks last longer is that usually the case and why? Sorry never drove a truck but like to soon.
Guy Connell
I just traded a 2014 Ecodiesel for reasons you mentioned in this video. I had several CELs over the 30,000 miles I had it but warranty took care of them. It went off warranty at 5 years though. Each "software update" to "fix" the CEL resulted in a little less fuel mileage. Out of warranty I got real nervous about the prospect of all that EPA equipment (DPF, DEF with catalytic converter, EGR) failing and me having to pay out of pocket. I really liked how it pulled and how it rode. But, at the end, it was only maybe getting 24 mpg instead of the 27-28 it got when I got it at 27000 miles. To me 24 mpg does not warrant the potential increased cost of the EPA mandated hardware if it were to fail. So I got a gas pickup instead.
Crush Communism
But then again it’s a diesel
Good luck trying to recoup all that extra money at the end of the day. Dealers always offer you thousands less and its a total pain to sell it locally yourself cause no one has money.
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Heavy Duty Gas or Diesel? Which Considering a GAS or DIESEL Pickup? Watch 5 months ago   07:35

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