Considering a GAS or DIESEL Pickup? Watch Heavy Duty Gas or Diesel? Which 2 months ago   08:14

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Clorox bleach. A bottle more useful than you think
Good thing about diesel is that on long journeys diesel fuel lasts forever compared to gas truck.
Brandon J. Williams
Each one has it's pros and cons over all if you look at they both are going to cost you about the same.
Ernesto Saldana
Hahaaha. . . I use a 2005 Cummins for my daily driver. With 295 thousand miles. It works like a champ! I do all my services myself, i do oil changes and everything so i only spend on oil and filters, air filters, and anything that has todo with maintence. I love my truck and i wouldnt buy a gas 2500, i would buy a 1500 gas ford instead, they have great engines and transmissions. Good horse power, torque and its nice. Ford are the Best looking trucks out there.
Brandon J. Williams
My 06 ram megacab 1500 is the exact same set up as the 06 2500 and 3500 (minus the dually trucks)
Mac Neoh
Go to the dealership and buy a used Chevy or Ford sedan. Take the 50K + you just saved yourself and invested in IRAs, ETFs and other stocks and bonds options. You will not be broke all the time and you can retire at least a decade earlier. For the 2 or 3 times a year you might need a truck just rent it. I think Home Depot will let you borrow one for just buying something from them. Why in the hell do you want to work to be a slave to the banks and corporations? Unless you own a business and are making good money from that truck, there is no reason to buy a new truck. Real men don't live in debt and they don't give their money to ex-wife/girlfriends. I like keeping my paycheck. I work hard for it.
Barry Manilow
Find a pre-DEF, pre-DPF diesel from Ford or GM. Keeping one of those running forever will still cost less than buying a new diesel. Up north, as opposed to Corpus Christi, diesels idle a lot. All the EPA crap on newer trucks cause them to self-destruct. And don't trivialize the cost of injectors. They all need them at some point, usually just outside of warranty. Plopping down 3-5 grand unexpectedly is not fun.
I have never understood the need for people to justify their purchase publicly and promote it. The reason you are promoting it is because diesel is the less favorable choice for the majority of people. First I agree, you should buy what you want and let no one dissuade you if that is truly what you want or need. That being said, DO NOT BUY A DIESEL, unless you really need one or really want one. I live in Colorado.  Gas is $1.72 and Diesel is $2.69 right now. There is generally a dollar difference then there is cost of the diesel additive. Farmers would make their own fuel which would make sense but not any more with the requirements of new engines. Diesel stinks, it permeates the truck, when it is burned or unburned. Oil changes are way more expensive, sorry, too old to change oil myself. My Chevy dealerships do a 5 quart oil change for $17.95 all day long but they charge diesels their full inflated price (hey, you can afford it, you paid the extra $12,000 to begin with). Fuel filter and injectors are maintenance items and are expensive to have replaced. Almost any repairs or service on a diesel takes longer thus more expensive no matter where you go. Though they have gotten better, they are still loud and noisy. Waiting for the glow plug to warm up, waiting for engine warm up. Starting them, shutting them down after short run, then starting them again when in city doing errands is hard on them. The engines are heavier which affects comfort, handling and fuel milage. If you can tolerate all the downsides because you are going to be hauling heavy/big stuff over long distances. A diesel may be for you. The average consumer does not do this and does not need a diesel. If you are in the minority that needs such things or if you have money to burn and just want one and can tolerate all the downsides then go for it and love your truck. But if you don't need it, DO NOT BUY A DIESEL. the downsides are not worth it for the average consumer. Me personally, I had only one diesel truck, and never again. I came to regret buying a diesel and have bought gas ever since. I am also the average consumer that does not need this. I just bought an brand new Dodge 1500 classic crew cab well equipped  on sale for $31,750 (18,575 in discounts/rebates until the end of the month)  With the money I saved, I will be able to buy a new small econo car. LOL
Jason Hess
Diesel for hauling longer trips.
Gas for local hauling. Simple...
Jon O’Neal
GAS!!! Only!!!
Constantin Neagoe
Ford is a cheaper cars, but the company sucks when it comes for warranty. I own a Ford ranger had issues under warranty and they make themselves blind and delay to fix it until the warranty ended. Than I got charged for all they supported to fix covered by warranty. My first and last Ford car. Never again
ted smith
I'd get the extended warrenty
Don H
Don’t buy a diesel if your in a northern climate. 13,800 miles on my 2017 and had parameters changed three times on sensors as check engine light came on. Then it comes on again and the EGR valve needs replacement. Got that fixed and they reflashed parameters again! Made it four days and we had zero degree temperatures and the light comes on yet again!!! Guess its the DEF pump and heater lol! Got that replaced and cleared the computer and made it two days before the light comes on again!!! Guess this time its the nox (spelling) and wiring to the module..... Bear in mind all this has happened between 8500 miles and 13800 miles. I’m not a happy camper at all and called the manufacturer about buying the POS back. Every time i go to the dealership its always diesels in the bays.
Class Act
Just buy a military surplus with a multi-fuel engine! Then you can go anywhere and burn anything.

Come on, don't a pussy...
What about a used vehicle. We are new to Rv we purchased a 2019 Puma FKRK Towable. So again gas or Diesel
Dee Larry
We have a 2007 duramax. 498500 miles. Original everything except 2 injectors and damage that could have been avoided.
jai hernandez
Theres is no debate. Hybrids possibly pollute as much if not more based on mining styles for battery materials.
Watched a few of your videos and they are amazing. However, if you dont need a trucc for towing, hauling or using it for its intended purpose but more like a daily driver then why even do research? It's like me going to look at a review for what TV is the best and only turn it on for superbowl weekend, going to research on what drill is the best and only use it to replace my entry door locc every time I buy a new house. Yeah I get it people are free to buy what they please but is it worth the impact 10 trucc drivers cause on daily commute? I have had a few workers in the past who I'll ask to get the trailer and picc up a few pieces of 12' lumber and their stupid answer is no because they dont want to damage their transmission. This video is honestly worthless for us people who are researching what our next trucc will be. I will use mine for work like it should be, I will hitch the 16' dump trailer at times, other times I will hitch the 16' utility trailer, other times I'll hitch the 12' trailer and on rare occasion that I drive it just because it will be just the trucc. That's what I need info on, comparing the towing capabilities and smoothness of ride. First bad video I watch from your channel and you were the first channel I checced, complete disappointment.
Woody's Adventure
Question whats the best towing cap between a manual to a automatic full size trucks, suv's?
Ronald England
My 2012 f350 4x4 with the 6.2l gas motor does anything I want it to.
Billy Hill
I’m new to this channel but enjoy the commentary. It’s pretty spot on. I have had both gas and diesel heavy duty trucks and it all depends on what you use it for. You could sway the discussion either way if you really wanted to. Nice job
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