Considering a GAS or DIESEL Pickup? Watch 5 things The 2019 Ram has that your 4 months ago   08:14

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Jon Allen
And that’s only if we can’t find royal purple 15w40
Jon Allen
We use Valvoline premium blue 5W 40 and all of our Cummins and other diesel engines
Thumbs down. Thought this was a video about gas vs diesel. Instead it's some wussy crying to momma that it's ok to own a truck.

Wtf is that about; of course it's ok. Somebody in a Prius must have beat him up or something.
Ryan D
This is what he forgot: Diesel trucks must be driven every other month at least. If you let the diesel sit in your truck it can brick your truck. If you want to go on biofuels you must have a diesel as well.
Matthew Schiebout
interesting that the fuel filter replacement wasn't mentioned. Also, the transmissions aren't the same between gas and diesel.
Chris Guice
My favorite brand of truck is the one I can get the best deal on. My current welding rig is a Silverado 2500 with 6.0. When I get on the throttle it goes right on down the road no problems. Bottom line I'm not brand loyal because the brand will not be loyal to you.
adam kane
Thank for the update I just bought me a big Horn 1500 Eco disel love the ride nice machine!!👍
Joel Glaze
Trucks haven't changed but the price for one is completely out of control they offer nothing for the cost of one
Mike Schwab
If you are someone who can easily afford these things, the cost upfront, the cost of maintenance and repair, then by all means have at it do whatever you want.. but if you're someone who's sitting here debating back and forth the cost versus benefit, especially in a non-work non-towing or hauling application just as a daily driver, then in my mind a diesel truck is not for you.. Despite what this guy says a diesel truck will cost significantly more to buy up front, especially a newer one. they do in fact cost more to maintain and they cost significantly more to fix and repair when they do go down.. just like any other piece of machinery out there, if you maintain it properly whether it's gas or diesel it will last you a long time. Personally I love pickup trucks I'll probably never buy another vehicle that's not 4 wheel drive, even if you're not towing or hauling anything I fully support that. But if you're over here counting pennies and debating on what you should buy that you can afford, if you're not towing or hauling or using it for work, then buying a big diesel truck just for the sake of buying it is just ridiculous to me.. go with a gas truck, maintain it properly and save some freaking money.
Mike Schwab
Did he seriously just say that the only differences between the gas and diesel trucks are the engine the transmission and the towing capacity..?? No freakin shit, without those three things it's just a body sitting on a chassis, genius.. this guy really needs to go talk to Bill Hewitt at Powerstroke Specialties and learn some real shit about the garbage he's spewing out..
TK 4594
Dude, I love your vids but this is one vid I have to wholeheartedly​ disagree with you on. After owning multiple gas and diesel 3/4 & 1 ton trucks the true decision factor is initial cost, cost of ownership (maintenance), and resale.
Here's my 2 pennies.
Initial cost - Diesels are dramatically more expensive than gas both used and new in any brand regardless of known problems with engines.
Cost of Ownership: I don't know what shop you go-to but my gas Silverado 2500 costs $90 for an oil change. Every single one of my diesels I ever owned I never walked out of an oil change at Valvoline for less than $180 - 200 depending on which truck. You also have to be so much more diligent with the oil changes. Every 5k miles (especially 6.0l). Plus, the older Ford's like the 6.0 don't like the newer lower cetane diesel fuel. Add cetane boost to every tank and it runs better, gets dramatically better mileage, and is quieter. Oh and keep up with that water separation unit and fuel filter. Dear lord don't let that filter get too bad. Those pressure based injectors go bad and watch $7k float out of your wallet.
My first truck was a used 04 450 with 25k miles I bought in 05. I bought the extended warranty as well. The extended warranty wouldn't cover what they deemed a "manufacturer defect". So the cost of EGR cooler, oil cooler, and then heads at 95k miles made me sell it. Bought a new 05 350 in 06 for a damn good deal and got Ford's extended warranty. Even they wouldn't cover their EGR cooler and heads. So I traded it with 89k miles for a new 07 350 with a 5.4L gas. Got it super cheap. In two years, cam phasers went out. By 75k miles had 2 drivers side exhaust manifolds replaced. At 110k the damn sparkplugs broke off in the damn head. I have had all the same kinda luck with Chevy and Dodge. I stack miles on but, no heavy pulling. They should last.

I'm basically saying, you're going to get shit mileage no matter what you get. Expect it. Look for what's easier. Gas is way easier to find, way cheaper overall, and nets no profit in resale. Though you may meet more in profit resale wise on the diesel, you spent 10k more for it in the beginning, twice as much for maintenance, and fuel is always more money. Get a nice 6.4 or 6.2l gas and call it a day.
Brooks Gregory
Thumbs up for Corpus Christi!
I've had a 7.3 for 18 years. When I bought it diesel fuel was .99/gallon. and cheaper than gas. Now diesel is more expensive. Oil changes are $125, good independent techs are hard t find, and it seems almost every trip to the shop is at least $1000.00. Diesel is harder to find in the burbs and contaminated fuel in a new diesel can cost thousands to repair. Look up 6.7 powerstroke fuel contamination and see reports of $9000.00 repair bills on a almost new truck. It happened to a friend. Buy what you want, and I bet the torque in the new diesels makes it a blast to drive, but don't kid yourself and try to justify a diesel as being the smarter choice unless you tow on a regular basis
Nick Ahrens
Is this filmed on SPID in Corpus Christi?
Robert Mcgee
How about doing content for regular people sometimes. Not just 50k+ pickups and brand new RVs. How about 10+ year old trucks and 15k and less RVs ? 90% of people can buy all that new stuff and don’t want to give up their first born, their left nut, or a kidney!
dude dude
I just bought a 300k miles 02 Ford for less than 2k. wish me luck.
PIGGY 5.56
Flood Ford is a great dealership FYI amazing customer service
+ diesel $4 gal -
I’ll stick with my gas ;
unless I go to 3/4 ton and a lot of towing -
Jose Carrasquillo
Esteban Alessandro Silva Castellanos
Corpus Christi Texas my home town, just chill driving all the SPID to Padre Island😎🏄🌴🌕🍴🍺
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5 things The 2019 Ram has that your Considering a GAS or DIESEL Pickup? Watch 4 months ago   05:42

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