24 hours in my closet challenge! Craziest Childhood Stories!! 3 weeks ago   12:51

Dani Cohn
so here it is another 24 hour challenge. This time my Boyfriend and I did the 24 hours in my closet challenge! it was extremely tough but we both made it out alive! Watch till the end to find out what happens to me LOL!

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Hadley Jo Guinan
Dani DONT listen to the haters
Skiler Tryon
always new she would come out some day
Amanda Whitworth
I love sabastian so much 😂
Makes as much noise as he can before he goes in closet because he doesn’t wanna see her crusty fanny
Life’s Adventure
Ly Dani ❤️ these haters don’t know that it’s her life not there’s so
Lulu Lennon
Everyone always complains that there are too many negative people in the world, why are they annoyed that there are too many positive comments?💕
Cait Holly
Seb is so willing to help cos he gotta make that 10% lol
Canner rang
Your boifriend is a nonce
Seba a
Seba a
Кэти Маршал
I am 16
Harry Potatoes
Dani is just like me pop tarts for breakfast and tacos for lunch
Tamya Davis
honestly, if she's just 12. Then why are you guys bashing her like that?!?! And the funny thing is everyone wants to say stop bullying ( be honest with yourself u know that u posted a comment or said "people need to stop bullying), but isn't this what you are doing now? are am i wrong. Don't wait until shes dead to stop all the hate. Because IF she is as young as you guys says she is then why say all these rudes thing about her. I know because either u were able to do theses thing when u were little or you cant do now. Thats one thing I learned about bullies, is that they are jealous of u and want what you got, so they try to bring you down. Because we all know if our parent let us do all these things we would just grab and go. At least i know i would. another thing I hate is how u guys try to tell her how to live her life....When it's hers. Just because that's how you were raised doesnt mean thats how she should be. Because every parent is different and knows whats best for their child. So go live your life and stay tf outta hers.
Mellanie Zepeda
Am I the only one who kept starring at the bag of chips😂
Skylar,s cheer family yay
Boys she's 12 and she's hanging on this man
Madison Strawser
Sebastian: “it is 9:53 in the morning”
Dani : “So you are telling us this 6 minutes before we start?”
🤦🏼‍♀️ 6+3=9 and you are supposed to start at 10
I can’t be the only one that noticed that😂🤦🏼‍♀️
Violet Newkirk
rated R
salem getachew
And the Oscar goes to
Alyssa Marie
Proof that she’s 12 her mom said on a live then she ended the live and she just sounds, and litterly looks like my little sister when she makes/ draws and Gucci print on a shirt , and makes her mom get her acrylics from the mall 🤫😂 that was the most stupid comment ever
The Psychos _
Honestly In this video Dani looks really cute :)) ❤️
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Craziest Childhood Stories!! 24 hours in my closet challenge! 3 weeks ago   12:53

A few days ago we were laughing our asses off talking about the how weird we were growing up, so, we wanted to tell you 10 of our craziest childhood stories. They explain why we do the insane things that we do hahahah.

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