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Enrique Otarola
Enrique Otarola interviews LiraLuis at the Greenbuilt convention in San Francisco, Lira Luis speaks about the Value of Desing and she tell us aout how she decided on becoming an Achitect

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Jane Monty
this is actually fantastic interview, thank you guys :)))
Ricardo Marguez
oh guys, this vid is magnificent...down to earth and well explained!
Matthew Qualnega
This was worth watching. I can assure you!
Mike Lindley
Is Architecture a good job? I think I want to become one someday.
Sahra Wilchynsky
I cant get my eyes of her!!!
Helmut Grindstony
we should be thankful to enrique25may channel for uploading all this vids! :)
deep appreciation for this posting!
Nicole Mayson
Lira you need more recognition for sure!
Angelina Fildermann
i like Lira way of talking about design!
Mark Smalley
Ive subscribed after this video ^.^
Brian Martin
you have just gained yourself a new subscriber.
Will Summers
Like this if perhaps you re adding this on Your facebook wall :-P
Nathaniel Gonez
In this moment I am in the part of yt I do not wish to abandon !!
Anthony Tiae
Just favorited this video :-)
Michelle Oruses
i think ur a great architect. I like u'r way of thinking and how u explain things!
Amelie Marcell
thx for sharing your experience with us :)
Lucy Arme
this video is freaking legit, thumbs up!
Jason Arnotti
Thumbs up for spreading a message about value of designing!
It's our pleasure, ada34ish! Yes we thought people can easily relate to this story. It humanizes architects and what we really do. ~Lira
Thanks Jacksonwil18tv! This video was produced by OREM.
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Rude Cover (Magic!)- Joseph Lira Luis on the value of design 7 months ago   03:52

So glad to hear some reggae vibes on the radio, hope you enjoy!

Feel free to comment below on what songs you'd like for me to cover next:)

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