WOW! Super RC Jeep Wrangler How to make a Battery operated Limo 7 months ago   21:11

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This video show you amazing RC Jeep Rubicon Car. Build from Cardboard, Battery, and DC Motors. This is an Amazing American 4X4 adventure off road car. I hope you everyone like this Car and have fun with it.
Thank for watching!!
Material Use in this Jeep Rubicon

Thin Aluminium seat (For use chassis or axial)
2 Dc Motors (3 volt each)
RC 2.5 ghz radio control circuit card (You Can Buy Online)
Servo Motor for left or right
4.7 v Chargeable Battery
6 led bulbs (2 White for front light, 4 Red for dipper)
Reflecting film for coloring this car

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Gabriel Demetrio
wow que bicho
Anup H
What kind of cardboard did you use ( can you please specify ). Anyway man great workk
Madhav rao rao
you are genius
It will work better if you use 360 or 180 motor .
Barriya Ketan
what paper to use jeep colour
Make an video tochan with another cars
Raghav Dessai
Show us how to make the led circuit ....have u kept the gears open facing ground. They vl get spoiled ....
Very excellent video by the way
Sameer Qureshi
Sent me
Sameer Qureshi
Your mobile number
Лёша Матюшин
Это круто!!
Fabrício Jaime
Eu poço até fazer a carcaça do carro, mais a parte do chassi e a parte eletrônica, tô pôr fora 😩
Fabrício Jaime
Bom é bom 👏👏👏👏👍
vivan Sharma
What is the name of the blue sticker? I mean which kind of paper is that?
Thomas Vo
BP LPB X3 lee
very good and very nice
gamer M
& Mercedes amg 6×6
sabir Malik
bhut bhadya aap ka invention
Sahil Bharia
From where you purchase headlight glass
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How to make a Battery operated Limo WOW! Super RC Jeep Wrangler 7 months ago   13:31

Checkout this elegant LIMO car, you will LOVE doing this!! It runs like a charm

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Video Presented by: Sriram Benur

Materials used.
1. Cardboard sheet
2. DC Motor
3. 9V Battery Connector
4. ON/Off Switch

Other materials used and affiliate link to purchase from Amazon.
9V Rechargeable battery -
Gears & Pully -

Other things that I used for this video
Hot Glue Gun -
Canon 1200D Camera -
TryPod -

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