Floyd Mayweather Highlights (Greatest 5 Times Canelo Alvarez Took 4 months ago   17:24

Boxing Legends TV
Boxing Legends TV highlights Floyd Mayweather 's Greatest hits in a boxing ring. A career spanning 20 years, with 49 fights and 49 victories. All fights In HD 60fps

Fights Included:

Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao
Floyd Mayweather vs Saul Canelo Alvarez
Floyd Mayweather vs Miguel Cotto
Floyd Mayweather vs Shane Mosley
Floyd Mayweather vs Juan Manuel Marquez
Floyd Mayweather vs Ricky Hatton
Floyd Mayweather vs Oscar De La Hoya
Floyd Mayweather vs Zab Judah
Floyd Mayweather vs Arturo Gatti
Floyd Mayweather vs Diego Coralles
Floyd Mayweather vs Jose Luis Castillo 2
Floyd Mayweather vs Justin Juuko
Floyd Mayweather vs Genaro Hernandez
Floyd Mayweather vs Roberto Apodaca

Music Used:

Playboi Carti - Gold Dreams
Raisi K - Game Seven
Raisi K - In The City Of God
Judo Adonis - Chief Keef - Oawee
TRTHEPRODUCER - Savage Squad X Gino Type Beat
FlatBushZombies - Radiance
Skyzoo - Stop Falling Yourself

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at the interview at the end why is his eye clipped? which fight was that after?
fuck floyd. hes the ost unsympathetic piece of shit in the world and half of his wins shouldnt count.
sean quinn
Nobody 50-0 in anything lol
Qyoungin Savage
14:45 Donald Trump Came To See The Fight💀‼️
Qyoungin Savage
Floyd Vs Crawford Would Be A Good Fight Too See Floyd Fighted Great Boxers In His Career 50-0‼️
venyl ralph obsiana
i fall a sleepZzzzzz
Retro Head
“The Mexican” what the fuck .?
Rain Montemayor
u are reflected by the kind of people you look upto
I'm Vincent Morales
Beautiful answer: Do you want to be liked. Floyd responds:"It doesn't matter as long as God loves me. Oooh!!! Straight up dagger to the heart.
I think Floyd broke his hands on Gotti's face!
Mark Dewhirst
Money Mayweather is a polarizing athlete. I know there are a lot of people who subscribe to idolizing athletes, musicians, and politicians. These are the same people who have a “problem” with Floyd. They start interjecting societal morales, values, and expectations of perfection onto a human being. I’m just going to say it......I DONT GIVE A FUCK WHAT FLOYD MAYWEATHER DOES OUTSIDE THE RING. The only reason why we all know his name is because of what he does in the ring. Therefore my only thoughts of Money Mayweather are of those of a boxer. And if we are just talking about the square circle we call a ring........Floyd Mayweather Jr is the greatest boxer of all time. In fact it’s not even close. I’ve watched as the boxing world around him has changed 180 degrees and how every “boxing expert” has claimed that Floyd’s next opponent was the one who is going to knock him out. Please please please please.......somebody go find Cinnamon Alvarez. Even I was worried about that fight. But it was a clear case of “this is chess not checkers”. Zero doubt in my mi d after that. GOAT. PERIOD.
Eriq Emarson
11:33 is that triphle H standing behind floyd!!??
open minded TRUTH!!!24/7
1st time i watched mayweather fight was vs gatti i think i spelled it right not sure...but I was like WOW!!! This dude is the best fighter ive seen for his size and look at the champ now..I cant stand his smart ass how he flaunts himself but what can I say he knows he can so I have no choice but to respect him and he knows we have no other choice but to reapect him. Dudes unstoppable
Derrick Williamson
That was not the same body punch you dudes are so transparent its rediculous. you're trying to make it seem as though Floyd isn't a great fighter by not showing him beating the breaks off these dudes . but you forget we actually watch mayweather
Mohammed azhar Cassie
Young mayweather actually was a good puncher
Lookin so Fresh
I can think of three boxers that are better then him best my ass
DingindlelaDD Dube
Nobody fights like Mayweather.
maaz Muhammad
Great video but you missed out the Maidana fight.
Demarcus Moore
That ref stay by Floyd side real loyalty 😂
Dr. Loomis
He's the GOAT...that's all there is to it. If you disagree then you don't understand the sweet science.

Who's better?
Who has a better resume?
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5 Times Canelo Alvarez Took Floyd Mayweather Highlights (Greatest 4 months ago   08:34

Mexican warrior Canelo Alvarez has snatched more souls than the devil himself. Boxing Legends TV has picked out 5 cases when Canelo knocked out his opponent so bad, they were never the same after