Jennifer Pan’s revenge on her 'Tiger The Family Who Vanished (True Crime 4 months ago   26:14

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Is it a home invasion -- or is it the ultimate betrayal?

The true story of what happened inside the Pan family home, shattering the serenity of their normally quiet, upscale Toronto neighborhood.


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Jason Lou
Jennifer was an evil girl. But her parents were bad too. Some kids can not be raised by strict parents. They never care their kids 'feelings. I remember a bad person call name "xin de zhang " who lives in a mobile home in mountain view California. He always complains about everything and nobody care about him. When I ask him how much money do you make, he admits that he's poor and too strict. Poor but stupid people.
Amy Diamond 336 Avia Butler 909 AKA MaxTheAnimator
i dont think jennifer is evil. her parents was so damn strict
Mel Mazing
The police interview with Jennifer Pan is extremely interesting.
Rox Riggen
This antichrist family never knew Christ and lived for all the devilish wordy carnal things. ...their lives were cursed
dog breath
Things did not pan out well for her
Chris Hanson looks like he had a couple shots before doing this interview. What a Lush.
Ja Kite
Killing one of my parents is so antithetical to everything I believe in, and so antithetical to the history of morality, outside of Greek tragedy, that I cannot even begin to sympathize with this entitled monster.
She didn't plan that well!
Anthony Teofrio
If my daughter had me shot the last thing I would do is go to the cops!
Shiloh Love
Dude she was abused for 25 years... THATS A LONG TIme. Imagine the mental stress and resentment built up in 25 years. People saying murder isn't ok...but damnnnn imagine being abused for that long to where you developed mental issues/low self esteem/social anxiety...I think anyone would want to kill who did that to them.. idkkkk poor girl

Also kids who get abused by their parents tend to finally find a source of happiness and acceptance in a when that gets taken away from're gonna fight for that..
yung crispy
Crime Daily jus lookin for some money for they books and shit y’all acting like it’s really alll the girls fault. nah that’s all the parents fault who shaped her into the women she was going to be in the future. THE PARENTS WHO RAISE THIS ‘MONSTER’ THE PARENTS!
yung crispy
& the boyfriend is a bitch
yung crispy
this the parents fault
Its crazy how whenever some ppl want to hide a murder they are so quick to blame it on blacks.
Cristine Tolentino
it is a freaking crime of passion!
Yassir I. Perez
Proof that EAZY-E is still alive but in jail....
Angel Msp
They look Hmong like me.
Asian parents let this be a warning to you.
this is what happens when parents don't listen to their children...
House of Mods210
...let me 'text' you that the murder plan is good to go.... TARDS
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The Family Who Vanished (True Crime Jennifer Pan’s revenge on her 'Tiger 4 months ago   47:14

Mr Chohan had a successful business worth £5m. Kenneth Regan was known as Captain Cash from his drug dealing days, and along with his two henchmen, they hatched a plot to take over the Chohan’s business and use it to front their drug smuggling ring. Mr Chohan, his young wife, her mother, and the couple’s their two baby sons were lured into a trap and brutally murdered, covered up as an innocent but tragic sudden disappearance. The plot was only foiled by a family murder in New Zealand, refusing to believe that they would all vanish, as a result of tax avoidance or a business agreement gone sour. The bodies of the three adults washed up along the coasts of the UK, but the two babies were never found. This documentary, made for Channel 4 strand ‘Dispatches’ explores the heinous crimes and the investigation.

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