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Jennifer Pan’S Revenge On Her 'tiger | The Family Who Vanished (True Crime - At Up-Tube.com

Jennifer Pan’s revenge on her 'Tiger The Family Who Vanished (True Crime 6 months ago   26:14

True Crime Daily
Is it a home invasion -- or is it the ultimate betrayal?

The true story of what happened inside the Pan family home, shattering the serenity of their normally quiet, upscale Toronto neighborhood.

More: https://bit.ly/2SlFOwE

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a-hole parents win an a-hole prize ...
Ed Texans
Zoe Nava
The reporter was kinda being sarcastic while talking 😂
John Turner
Hey if the police can get the truth out of someone by telling them a fib, more power to the cops. It gets the crazies off the streets and makes the guilty confess. There's nothing wrong with playing the guilty at their own game of lie's and deception. Honesty is the best policy is for honest people, not criminal's and murderer's. Only the criminal minded are against cops using a lie tactic to get to the truth.
That lawyer is such a piece of shit! May one of his clients pay him a visit if ever released
It hurts to see a Vietnamese family to be like this.. Because I'm a Vietnamese, too.
mylife asArkina
So you wanna tell me that she faked her college documents without her parents knowing? How come? So the parents get to choose her major and boyfriend but don't have time to see her school? What kinda shit is that?

Also, i wouldn't blame her but killing your parents isn't the easy way out! I personally would've left because i get to live my life, and I'll definitely live it the way i want.

P.S i just found out she was 25 at the time but still..
Detective Bill Gates and Han Pan ? Some great names here
Samantha Marie
9:29 that's a bullshit point to bring up. Theres no reason for her "not crying at her mother's funeral"? lets ask ptsd... shock... and a multitude of other things that could have made her snap and not cry anymore. My best friend's older brother died of an opioid overdose when he was 13 not only did he not cry at the funeral, he hasn't really 'cried' since.
The moral of the story kids:

always go to detective bill gates
eb 123
So the parents begged the shooters not to kill their daughter while she planned the whole thing wow
AJ De Waltberg
Daughter from Hell? Who created this daughter??
brock lesnerd
tiger mafia supa kicka whats happening
Kalan Star
That deception... Wow. Sounds like my Ex Gf.
Dudes name is fcking Bill Gates.
Ksenia Chervonaia
This happened in Canada??? I thought shit like this only happens in US. When was this and where? Richmond Hill? Markham?
Hellen Albavera Garcia
Daniel was in the wong for helping her
Luna Moon
I like how they keep saying that she was a daughter from Hell. (He even said, Instead of disappointing her parents she chose to kill them.) They.locked.her.away.and.took.every.means.of.communication. No the parents where from hell. Being abducted from her life, friends, and probably the only person she thought loved her. Not saying the mother deserved to die like that, but those parents had something coming trying to control and lock a human being away from reality. What I see, is that they Made her exactly who she is, and they made her do exactly what she did.
blckpnks zone
Her acting is on point. 💀🤚🏼
Suga Kookie
I kind of understand why she did all of this. Asians has strict parents and they make rules that controls us. And for me I do lie sometimes because my parents are being to strict that I need to rebel sometimes. And is it just me or does the couple look like they are siblings?
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The Family Who Vanished (True Crime Jennifer Pan’s revenge on her 'Tiger 6 months ago   47:14

Mr Chohan had a successful business worth £5m. Kenneth Regan was known as Captain Cash from his drug dealing days, and along with his two henchmen, they hatched a plot to take over the Chohan’s business and use it to front their drug smuggling ring. Mr Chohan, his young wife, her mother, and the couple’s their two baby sons were lured into a trap and brutally murdered, covered up as an innocent but tragic sudden disappearance. The plot was only foiled by a family murder in New Zealand, refusing to believe that they would all vanish, as a result of tax avoidance or a business agreement gone sour. The bodies of the three adults washed up along the coasts of the UK, but the two babies were never found. This documentary, made for Channel 4 strand ‘Dispatches’ explores the heinous crimes and the investigation.

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