Dance Moms-"FALLON FORGETS HER SOLO Dance Moms-"ABBY MAKES SURE 4 months ago   04:31


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Shood#•-•_:3 70 lol
Summer Nulty
shes horrible to her trying to get her disqualified if i was the teacher ill say OK u have hurt your knee just rest it and u can try again when its better and i wouldn't get her disqualified
Olivia Thomas
Omg please Dance moms are ruthless cruel mean over working makeup covered bishy az MOMS who are trying to get big by over working there children. AND Fallon forgot her dance but mead better then the original dance was CUT her knee and still got 3RD place . Wow I wonder what’s goes insid dance moms heads when they look at there children I would go “WOW what have I done to my child I have over worked her made her look like she is a 30 year old make up crazy lady who is a prat” . I’m just so shocked. and Abby was ruthless she literally kicked her off the team for the STUPIDESS reason of all TIME.
Jesus Garcia
Liquidity Bills
U you ok
Bob Noodle
“At least we don’t have bubble butts”

I love Jill!
Jonathon Henry
Abby is the worst
Jonathon Henry
Abby is the worst
Samantha Costakis
Just because Abby didn’t get to see her do her dance does not mean she has to get so ANGRY and you know it’s not crap
Doodle dragons Toucans
Jeez Abby be nice
Olivia Fieldhouse
You are crassie
Emma White
Tbh if Abby hadn't told the judges that she forgot her solo she probably would of won considering she got 3rd place even though she forgot
Marty Overman
Well it just happened Abbi she made up her own choreography
Fallon is probably like
First door opened: Noo who is opening the door, plzz don’t be abbyohh its the mom
Second door opened: NOO Pls don’t be abby, ohh its cathy
Third door opened: Ugh it’s probably the kids , oh no its abby
Lena Bouhella
I’m really mad at Abby I don’t blame her for forgetting the dance she was under so much strain and pressure,she needs to understand that they are kids.
Jessica Genova
I think she did great on the dance
Abi Rowlands
Why did Abby even have to be so stupid and can't keep her mouth shut and she has to interrupt like Cathy does
Jennifer Kelly
Tought she was brilliant anyone agree
Sky Puppies
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Dance Moms-"ABBY MAKES SURE Dance Moms-"FALLON FORGETS HER SOLO 4 months ago   05:10


All rights belong to Lifetime! No copyright intended!