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Famous for its wines and cheeses, France is the world’s most popular tourist destination receiving 82 million foreign tourists annual. Visitors are attracted by historic cities, a beautiful countryside, the castles of the Loire Valley, and Brittany and Normandy. In addition, France offers an agreeable climate, some excellent beaches on the French Riviera, the Atlantic coast and the island of Corsica, wide possibilities for winter sports, most notably in the Alps and the Pyrenees, and a rich culture with food and wines that are among the most celebrated in the world. Here’s a look at the top tourist attractions in France.

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Suyash Rokade
Number 6 shows the Château de Chambord with the castle of Blois, composed of three wings, that of Louis XII, with its equestrian statue, that of François 1st with its famous spiral staircase, and finally that of Gaston d ' Orleans, the brother of Louis XIII.
Reina Virtucio
Yes,Europe I hope.
A K M Sabehan
If you Get a chance for wining Samsung Gallaxcy S10
( Only For France)
Go to link @t
But... how about Louvre museum?! :(
ed low
Why did they build that bridge. It isn't a canyon.
Jahnavi Reddy
Love u paris
Vive la France! 🤗
Irina comédienne trans
forget Saint-Tropez... not interesting, better go to Marseille or Toulon
kiwiwater wang
i.am from china
kiwiwater wang
i like french man,they are headsome and romatic .they are friendly to me help me give me food ,guide for me for my.short to rent the bike .
Mark Anthony Paleracio
France is really the Most Beautiful Country in the Entire World!😍🇫🇷
G fue
I wanna live in Paris or live here in the UNITED KINGDOM
Tiffani Yeager
Do you have a map with everything on it?
At 4:54 it's not Chambord but "château de Blois".
Calanques - Marseille is the real Number one
Hot Videos Only
Beautiful places
Bill Bergendahl
Having been to both the United Kingdom and France I would have to say that France is my favorite.
Gandun Thargay
France is my favourite country
I'm living france nantes
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10 best places to see in Paris 10 Top Tourist Attractions in France - Travel 1 year ago   07:27

Visiting Paris could be an overwhelming experience. But with our Paris top 10 attractions" video guide, you will know which place you must visit. Get a taste of landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysees, Arc de Triumph, Siene, Moulin Rouge, Lido, Crasy Horse, Eurodisney and many other places you must see in your next vacation in the city of lights.