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Game Of Thrones Stars Salary | Is Drogon As Big As Balerion In Game Of Thrones - At Up-Tube.com

Game Of Thrones Stars Salary Is Drogon as Big as Balerion in Game of Thrones 6 months ago   02:41

Hollywood Inside
Game of Thrones Cast Networth!

Game of Thrones' Salaries: How Much Does Each Actor Get Paid?

Rich Game of Thrones Stars!

Game of Thrones Stars Rich Lifestyle!

Game of Thrones Shows's Highest Paid Actors!

Track : Vanze and Reunify- Angel (NCS Release)

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Game Of Thrones Then and Now - 2017

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Comments 1915 Comments

vishvas parmar
Lennister are so expensive
Bonnie Cull
zakir jaigirder
It's all fucking fake
Matthew Hanneken
I do not use YouTube to read. If I wanted to read I would get a book. You guys must ride the short bus
John Doe
I love you Missy Williams
urgaatal agtaqin
Whats song name
aziz debiane
vous aller me manquer
faheem afridi
U can easily be a millionear if u went to Hollywood lol.
Why was Emilia payed more than Peter... let’s be real Peter Dinklage is the best actor on the show
It is pure guess but I like it anyway lol
chacha JAY
One episode as daenerys is enough for me for this year
Tiflux -
It’s false
D'You know what pisses me off?!?!
What’s with the shit music
Captain Phasma makes $100,000 an episode? #dafuq
Zunel Mhrz
They post 2019's salary list in 2017 using time machine
Abu hajaar
And the Dragon salary?
chirantha pradeepe
I think Cersi worths most.... when she kills others they wont get paid at all... their income depends on her
felo flox
The black woman is the least paid not surprised
Dragan kovy
Well let me start by saying that my main language is french and i dont want to massacre your culture and country. And let me add that i love game of Throne show and that comment is not to insult the actor careers particularly. I could use an CEO of a multi billionaire company who is staff can’t even send their child to college and change the life of their own family.

So for the actor for exemple , they couldn’t have their ridiculous salary without the cameraman’s to film what will make THEM rich only to give one small exemple and that go with pretty much everything. Like the fucking doctor, nurse , etc will never be like the actor , idols.... well to me everyone is an actor and deserve the same.

Thoses millionnaire and billionaires would have never be in their position without the help of the slave. The way i see it humanity will never achieve unity because even if a millions childs will die of hunger they will not even move a finger. If i had only the half of what they have the most important thing for me will be to go in my home town of Montréal and clean it from every person who is homeless and give them a life again, a chance to live to find meanings in life and honesty i will be more proud of doing this that having a life of luxury, having expensive car , many big house and vila ....right because that what is all about only me myself and I.

Like i said humanity will never found unity because we are greedy, selfish and hypocrites and im pretty sure a lots of you are going to said very bad thing to me and go ahead egoists and sick peoples you’ll just proved my point sadly.
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Is Drogon as Big as Balerion in Game of Thrones Game Of Thrones Stars Salary 6 months ago   05:39

A size analysis and comparison between Drogon and Balerion the Black Dread. Is Drogon as Big as Balerion in Game of Thrones Season 7?

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