Our cats get their Christmas presents Idiot's Guide to Japanese Apartments 2 months ago   19:05

Rachel & Jun's Adventures!
Our cats get some new toys and other presents for Christmas! :)

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Erik Just Erik
Rachel and Jun’s cats rated best to worst

1. *fluff boye*
He is good because big fluff

1. *cinnamon boye*
He is good because sweety

1. *MRROOOEWW boye*
Good because of cabinet skills

Once again, it was a 3 way tie because all cats are *good boyes*
7:49 cuteness money shot 😼🥰
Amy Fluffyfluff
If you want your cat to drink more just buy a little cat water fountain or pour a little bit of cat milk in a bowl of water
ev g
The cats are seriously like kids to them. Like actual human kids.
"This is like the 4th or 5th bowl we got for them."
"Cuz they keep breaking."
"Yeah, *THEY* keep breaking it."

Boys will be boys, Rachel
Gabrielle Cote
These videos are the purest thing I've ever seen and wow, I will be doing these things with my future cats
Haku best cat ever
Síłvër-Głađe š
You could of gone in the forest for a stick for Haku
Poki's face at 13:33 :-D
Mii Hungry
Haku is a Maine Coon, right? We have two and both of them love drinking with their paws. Maybe it’s typical for that breed. Out third cat is a regular house cat and she never uses her paws.
Vika Vika 04 Vika
Wait, I thought of somthing! Make a bowl that has food inside and an indent around the food for some water!
Vika Vika 04 Vika
Aw that’s so cute! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Thomas de Jong
Asian/american young couple play with pussy cat using toys. (1080HD) Noice
Sophia E
Ohh my god Nagi looks so much like Finn in that thumbnail.
Kitcat Plays
Pick your character

Nagi: power: dragon fly (wings appear when activated)

Haku:Power:feather sticks (instantly kills opponent when activated)

Poki:power:MRRRRRROWWWWWWWW (a meow that kills)
Max B
This is what YouTube is for
Manish Yadav
Rachel ignores poki
Poppy RobloxGacha
Your cat jump but not destroy thing in your house amazing cat 👏👏👏 how to train them like that?
Poki becomes fat
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Idiot's Guide to Japanese Apartments Our cats get their Christmas presents 2 months ago   04:38

Rachel & Jun productions presents:
Idiot's Guide to Japanese Apartments

Directed by: Rachel & Jun
Produced by: Rachel & Jun
Filmed by: Rachel & Jun
Edited by: Rachel & Jun
Sound mixing: Rachel & Jun
Starring: Rachel, Jun
Cameo appearance: Haku

One tatami mat was hurt in the making of this production.

This video is sponsored by Jun's abs.

How to set up, take care of, and otherwise prepare your Japanese apartment and/or house including but not limited to details such as necessary bathroom products and processes, earthquake prepardness direction, and tatami mat usage tips.

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