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Aladdin & The Plague Of Disney Live | Top 10 Insanely Racist Moments In Disney - At Up-Tube.com

Aladdin & The PLAGUE of Disney Live Top 10 Insanely Racist Moments In Disney 11 months ago   09:38

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Disney's new live action Aladdin starring Will Smith has not been getting a good response from fans. Here's why.

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What did you think of the Aladdin trailer?
CJ Larson
Disney is terrible now, just awful. They made Marvel lame, Star Wars into crap, classics into nothing. Stop Disney
Tommy Hammond
I haven't watched any of these garbage remakes. Stick to the classics.
Random Vlogs
Will smith was the only good casting choice
Dominik Bradvica
I honsetly perfer ABC Once Upon a Time version off the Alladin, Jafar, Jasmine and Genie in Season 6
I speak with my wallet. I have never nor do I ever intend to see any of these movies.
If they remake Back To The Future I’m shooting my self in the balls
Sydney Chuang
Ok why do people hate cgi? (Coco, Big Hero 6, etc)? I understand why people are sick of ONLY cgi but there’s nothing wrong with the medium
The disney we know love and grew up with is over now just a monopoly and hollywood machine.
Springwood Slasher
You dont think Hollywood is out of ideas? Wow that's gotta be the most idiotic statement iv ever herd. First and last video of yours I'm gonna watch. MORON.
Jessica Childress
Disney has just lost its luster for me. I agree 100 percent with your opinion. For me, the art feels gone, replaced by rushed, thrown together cr a p that (as you have stated) people will run to again and again. Genius on Disney's part of course; bottle nostalgia, water it down to churn the movies out faster and cheaper, generate millions. Fool proof plan that the masses will keep buying into over and over again.
The Nezzy Channel
U just gained a new subscriber
Still waiting on that Turandot film, Disney.
Rolls Royce
one movie they havent fked up is Iron Giant, i hope they DONT!
But at the same time, my all time fav CGI is Meet the Robinsons.
Sydney Chuang
Ok I don't get why people hate the remakes THAT much. I watched the originals as well and while they are better, the remakes are bad. I enjoyed Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast, and Maleficent.
Fiera the Proud
The only Disney "Remake" that I'll really defend is Maleficent, and even then only really because it does do a new spin on the story, even if it's kind of a weird choice.
AndrewLuis CrespoDeMoura
Got a Disney+ ad before this
Reptizles gaming
I miss Robin Williams
(The old genie from the movie for those who don’t know.)
Give 5 seconds of thought if you agree
Joseph Beausigne
Excellent analysis Captain Midnight...
Rebecca Madsen
I know basically nobody agrees with me, but this is the reason why I love Tim Burtons versions of Dumbo and Alice in Wonderland. Cause they're not the same movie as the original! Maybe the story isn't great but at least it's different!
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Top 10 Insanely Racist Moments In Disney Aladdin & The PLAGUE of Disney Live 11 months ago   09:08

Top 10 Insanely Racist Moments In Disney Movies That You Totally Forgot About
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Looking back, these Disney scenes were pretty racist. From Fantasia to The Aristocats to Peter Pan, even wholesome Mouse House movies aren't completely free of racism, casual or otherwise. WatchMojo counts down the top racist moments in disney movies that you totally forgot about.

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#10. Sunflower
#9. Japanese Soldier Caricatures
#8. Conveyor Belt Mammy Doll
#7. King Louie
#6. "Arabian Nights"
#5. Native American Stereotypes
#4. "We Are Siamese (If You Please)"
#3, #2, #1???

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