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Trans Woman Muhlaysia Booker | - At Up-Tube.com

Trans Woman Muhlaysia Booker 1 day ago   01:43

NowThis News
Muhlaysia Booker, a 23-year-old transgender woman, was found dead just one month after footage of her being beaten in front of crowds went viral.
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A trans woman who was attacked in April has now been found dead. In April, 23-year-old Muhlaysia Booker was brutally beaten after getting in a minor traffic accident in the parking lot of an apartment complex in Dallas Texas. Footage of the incident went viral and Dallas’ mayor called it an act of ‘mob violence’. Dallas police identified 29-year-old Edward Thomas as one of the attackers in the video. Thomas was arrested but later released.

On May 19, Dallas police announced that officers found Booker ‘lying facedown in the street’ the morning of May 18. Police said they responded to a report of a shooting and found Booker fatally shot. Police claim there was no evidence linking the homicide to the April attack.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, at least 26 trans people were killed in the U.S. in 2018, a majority of whom were Black transgender women. Experts say these statistics are likely low since police departments aren’t required to report such crimes to a central database and often release incorrect names or genders.

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Comments 147 Comments

Adolf Hitler
looks like the congo
Monique Cruickson
It's always black transgender women going through this beyond sad and disheartening
Just more proof that blacks are a low IQ hostile murderous species not intended for or compatible with civilized society 100% Confirmed. 6% do over 54%
Hopefully someone is made to pay
cush african
I really believe the black Hebrew isrealites cult were involved in the muder
Jim Acosta of CNN: "Tip #1 stop trying to pick up gangsta fggts."
Uncle Javi
Joža Gulikoža
Its biology folks. A healthy subject cannot stand the disease these fuckups bring into normal society. Its a biological thing, a normal straight man has implemented the function from "god" to keep his society clean off defects, degenerates and similar antinature defects. you need to understand these fuckups are mentally ill, bodily degenerated and defected. Its a disease for a normal healthy society, and society (as natures law) fights back. IT WILL NEVER BE DIFFERENT, its impossible, its our bio nature.
Linda Stucki
As a Trans person, I'm at a loss of words seeing this. Everything I believed in just got spit in my face. I feel like a fool and sick for what happened to that poor defenseless soul. That could be me.
Ivan Miller
The Most High , Yahawashi

((( LOVE MR. BOOKER. )))



Ivan A. Miller. / TaTa !!!
So a mentally ill castrated man pumped full of hormones larping as a woman got killed by the Black community. I have gained a new respect for the black community lol !
Isaac Simpson
Someone needs to offer this poor people with mental illness help.
Steve Rosberg
What was she doing on a dark deserted street in the middle of the night. Was she whoring.
Valentina Z
What a beautiful woman, so sad
The black community needs to be more tolerant. Considering the history of prejudice and racism...you’d think 🤔
What's funny here is everyone assumes the motive of his death is some hate crime against transgender women. This transgender woman was obviously active in these streets there are many scenarios could have played out as reason for his or her death. Stop being programmed do some thinking for yourselves.
This is exactly how the media controls the population.

Show the ENTIRE video, not the excerpts that influence people to draw false conclusions. Let's see what precipitated this fight, share ALL the facts because it is NOT as it appears.

Wake up people, think for yourselves! Stop letting the media control your thoughts and manipulate your emotions.
Devin Phillips
To all of you delusional people in the comments. This was a man not a woman and we need to stop with this freaky fantasy.
D OnDeck
What's the story behind this senseless killing of another human being? What is the STORY?
A. Leonhardt
Oh my god this is horrific.. so horrific, poor girl
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Trans Woman Muhlaysia Booker 1 day ago   01:29

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