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The American Downhiller: A Historical Bond | - At Up-Tube.com

The American Downhiller: A Historical Bond 5 months ago   23:01

Ski Racing Media
The history of the American Downhillers goes back to before the advent of the World Cup. The tradition of Americans competing on European soil has formed a camaraderie that spans the test of time. This is their story.

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*This video contains explicit language

Narrated by Steve Porino
Produced by Claire Brown
Cinematography by Susie Theis and Claire Brown
Editing by Roger Carry
Photos: GEPA, Agence Zoom, SR Archive

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Scott Macartney
This has been the year to pull my crash out of the Archives. HBO and American Downhiller. Lots of good friends on this video. Great stuff guys! Sorry to f' up your pre-race routine Marco!
Jeff Olson
great work PINO et all! thank you
I grew up racing in the PNW just behind (in age group) Scott Macartney. In case anyone wants to know, Macartney was the kind of guy you always wondered were human. He worked his butt off just as hard on dryland conditioning as he did on the slopes. I was certainly no great shakes on the race course but I was always proud of the racers from the Northwest (and to a lesser extent the West Coast, like Marco Sullivan out of Squaw Valley). It was very sadly painful to see Scott’s crash (and resultant head injury) as I had a similar encounter with traumatic brain injury and both Scott and I are lucky to be alive.
Tips up, p-tex on the snow and keep your head off it men; godspeed and good luck in 2019/20!!
Okay, fine and good, but.... where's Buddy Werner? Did I miss that part, if I did, sorry. In 1958 this American age 22, was the first from outside Austria and Switzerland to win the famed Hahnenkamm downhill race in Kitzbühel. His motto was, "never look back, but in his case we should.
Frank Petronio
SOUND SOUND SOUND turn off the GD Muzak during interviews....
All credit where credit is due but when it comes to DH pioneers, no mention of Cindy Nelson or Holly Flanders? What about the Crazy Canucks who surely proved to the Americans that non-European men could win World Cup DHs and the title?
Forest Carey
Millertime lost the DH title in 07/08 by 10 points to Cuche. Final DH in Bormio was cancelled. Bode won in Bormio earlier in the season and was 2nd and 3rd the weekend before in Norway.. Almost!
09/10 He was trailing Walchofer by 10 points with 2 DH's left and called it season giving into a broken ankle he suffered in Beaver Creek in December and general frustration. So like the Red Sox's long wait to win WS it will be even sweeter when someone does win it!
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The American Downhiller: A Historical Bond 5 months ago   07:49

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