TESTING OUT WEIRD DOG GADGETS WITH 5 Dog Gadgets Put to the Test - Part 8 3 months ago   10:27

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Angela Gigante
I have a labrador-chow chow he is 1 years old and his name is thor
Rose Bilyeu
My pets name is actually Jupiter
Susan Horton
I have a dog max he's 2
cooper smith
My dogs name is leo
Michelle Antwi
My dogs name is lola❤️
Alexis Starner (Student)
I have a dog ,his name is Henry ,he is a golden retriever ,he has a big booty ,he is fluffy and cute and I think him and Jupiter wold be great friends!
Łiž mïniø
I have a bunny named Ellie
erik vdh
I have a Yorkshire terrier her name is Mila.
Anna Rzasa
My dog is a maltese and his name is Ollie and he is a boy
Rufaid Islam
I actually have 11 cats so i can’t name all of them
Ompong Babate
My dogs name is oreo
Domatila Trujillo
I had a dog named lily and I’ve had her for 6 years her whole life but she got hit by a car and died 5/15/19 she was my bets friend and her birthday is June 18..😭😭😭
Robyn Van der riet
My pet's name is also jupiter And you are my idol
kaitlyn roe
its me avril rhiana
My dogs name is bobby
Gacha Cookie uwu
My dogs names are lemon and lily ant they are pugs
Jessica Barcenas
Hi Natalie I adore Jupiter and you I love you guys my dog's name is sasha she is a female
Jaeleece Ortiz
A yorky is a dog I would have
danisleydi camacho
I have a china dog and his name is tody
Julianna Jesser
Bella she's 11 years old
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5 Dog Gadgets Put to the Test - Part 8 TESTING OUT WEIRD DOG GADGETS WITH 3 months ago   33:03

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