Tulsa, Oklahoma Downtown TOUR Real Tour of Oklahoma City 7 months ago   04:16

Driving Tour through Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Bruce Roberts
looks charming. I like wide streets. It makes a city look large.
Jeff Beaudoin
I am moving to Tulsa in a month.
Gorgeous, so clean. Wheres the homeless encampments...
Bart Simpson
They be holdn it downs in the 918
ShaQuala Davis
I been to Tulsa and I liked the ambiance. It felt like I never left Texas.
Ruby Gooden
Very boring city. No decent public transportation. Nonexistent nightlife. No decent jobs. Good ole boy network. Racism.
MAC Productions
Subscribed thank you so much for sharing ! Very informative ...check this out!

carlos alberto vitola
Best wishes to Mr. Ricardo Sandoval of Tulsa, USA,
from Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina.
Keith Hester
so many parking lots….
Adam Vevle
Tulsa is the Paris of Oklahoma
Ramone Ritchie
Mr Chandra
Ajade Willl
that one tower looks silmilar to the world trade center, eery.
Caleb Zeller
I attended TU, there. Shit city, in shitty state. Nothing to do either, unless your a Jesus freak!
Butty Happ
Tulsa is empty
Maraiza Vitor
Tulsa terra dos Hanson 😘
Drews Outdoor
What's so bad about Tulsa?
Leonardo di parma
Where in Tulsa is the black wall street?
I live in tulsa and downtown is mostly empty and there's a lot of graffiti in some parts of town,but at night time it's beautiful at a certain angle!
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Real Tour of Oklahoma City Tulsa, Oklahoma Downtown TOUR 7 months ago   01:51

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