Watch How Police Caught Chris Chris Watts case: Everything 6 months ago   37:33

Derek Van Schaik
Witness the exact moments when police knew Chris Watts was guilty in his family’s disappearance and the eventual found murder of his pregnant wife (Shanann) and two young daughters (Bella and Celeste). We’re going to analyze Chris’s body language from police body cameras to show you when police knew he did it.

Chris Watts is the Frederick (northern Colorado) man who eventually admitted to murdering his pregnant wife (Shanann Watts, pregnant with Nico Lee Watts) and two young daughters (Bella Watts and Celeste Watts) on the morning of August 13, 2018. Early that morning, Chris Watts covered up the scene of his crime by loading his deceased pregnant wife and two young daughters into the back seat of his work truck, which took him about 50 minutes.

His pregnant wife, Shanann, was found buried in a shallow grave in an eastern Colorado oil field (CERVI 319) where Chris worked and the bodies of his two little girls were found dumped in oil tanks. I live just 40 minutes south of where all this happened, so this case literally hits close to home.

At first Chris Watts claimed his family was just missing and that’s where we’re going to start in this video. We’re going to watch through police body cameras how this first day unfolded and I’ll point out Chris’s body language which caused police to really suspect he was guilty. Since cameras are now everywhere with doorbell cameras, police body cameras, and cell phone cameras, it’s shocking to witness first-hand how everything unfolded and then unraveled quickly for Chris that first day.

In the comments: What do you think Chris Watts was thinking about when he was watching his neighbor's security camera footage?

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Old Manz
He was thinking about how to get the fuck out of that house
The daily of Lizzie Life
Who has the heart to kill those girls

I look harder for my phone though ooooofffff
Pedro Carrazana
16:35 there’s a little girl in the playroom. Oh. my. god
Philip Tucker
I hope the other inmates make his life a living hell in prison. I hope never has a day go by where he doesn't fear for his life. What a piece of scum!!!
The amount of detail and information in your own voice-over investigation really helps me understand this even more! Thanks!
Anthony Rabago
Preddy Shite
Pretty entertaining but feels like reading into every a little too much. For example if that neighbor lady had the slightest inclination that Chris had any involvement, she'd be scared shitless and probably stay closer to the cop.

The guy suddenly turning around could have been anything other than "Oh shit! I;m Bout to get arrested!!"

Got tired of the extra tear jerker clips of his kids. We get it, they were kids, and he's a monster.
Willy Milano
All of this body language 'reading' is pseudoscience bullshit and the police didn't catch Watts because of anything but his confession. Body language interpretation can't be proven empirically and if this guy had turned out innocent, you'd 'explain' how this exact same behavior showed how honest he was. What you're doing here is using the same false techniques that so-called psychics use.
Kevin Cservid
What I just can not understand is if he wanted to leave his wife that bad, why kill his own children and his wife? What, a 130 lb woman and 2 kids aren't going to tie him down and chain him into this life... there was zero need for violence, for any of this. It could have been announced that he wanted to move on, and though that would break their hearts, at least they'd still be breathing.
eggy boi
How about just getting a divorce??? ha? Didn't he think of that???
David Sargsian
petition for removing that mildly annoying photo in the corner when u speak xD. nice vid tho
Timothy Rogers
I’m so glad this guy posted this. This case intrigued me from the beginning. This is at least the third time I’ve seen stories “ripped from the headlines” where a young, generally nice looking All-American husband and father kills the wife and kids. Scott Peterson in CA; Chris Coleman in Illinois (Ironically head of security for televangelist Joyce Meyer) and now this Chris guy. I guess enough things transpire where they realize they can get other women. Maybe they think they are out of their wife’s league, I dunno. However, in each case the wives were already beautiful. And why these assholes didn’t consider just getting a divorce is beyond me. A man who can kill anybody is a monster, but a man who can willfully kill his wife and kids is especially heinous. I hope these guys continue having an active sex life with multiple partners in prison. They wanted new adventures with no encumbrances, remember. Well guess what, boys....don’t drop the soap, Tyrone’s watching you.
Debi Lee Mauterstock
As CW watched the footage, he was sweating,swaying and wondering if everyone in that room could smell the doodie in his pants...
Jess Chrz
The fact he doesn’t even watch the security camera footage to me is a dead giveaway. Like if it was my husband or someone I love that went missing my face would’ve been inches from that screen to see anything I could.
Jess Chrz
Why is he on his phone so much the entire time the cop is there???????????? Like wtf
Jess Chrz
Also those are some good neighbors.
Valerie King
Jess Chrz
It’s so sad these people in the beginning are doing all this searching and stuff and have no idea she and her babies are already gone 😞
Jess Chrz
How do such psychopaths even get married and have kids anyway. Just baffling.
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Chris Watts case: Everything Watch How Police Caught Chris 6 months ago   08:00

With the case documents currently sealed by a judge regarding the investigation into why 33-year-old Chris Watts allegedly killed his pregnant wife and two young daughters, more information about the family is filling in holes in the timeline surrounding the killings.