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Most Insane Paint Job Ever! | Porsche Full Paint Video - At Up-Tube.com

Most Insane Paint Job EVER! Porsche Full Paint Video 1 day ago   29:14

This is the 4th and final episode of the AMMO 964 build. This video will show you the step by step process of a concours paint job and how this will allow you to clear bra, wax or seal your car in only 7 days! New custom wheels, headlights, roll bar, headliner, carpets, complete clear bra and so much more. This is by far the largest and most complicated film ever produced by Make Rain Productions. Hope you enjoy this TV worth episode. -Larry

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Comments 5799 Comments

South Town
THE SECOND, Larry says"I'm still going to drive it..." I shout "MY MAN!!!"

My girlfriend walks in to see what's going on... After I explain, she says "THAT is EXACTLY why we love AMMO!"
Alexander Panzeri
Really awesome, I hope a “day” in the future, to be able to give to our family 964 the same, at least half of the job.
In Italy there’s just one place where to enjoy a paint like this: Concorso d’eleganza di Cernobbio in Como next weekend.
Just my personal opinion I don’t like the new logo (on wheels is ok), and the shape of lights (why not use something similar to 993 at least?)
Well done!
Meraki studio
Jarret Wrabel
That "Plastic Stick" is really called "Fiber Stick"
Rev D
by far the best video I have seen on Youtube!!!!! Awesome content and video!!!
Peter Ferencik
Ghetto Tires .
Jeffrey Stoesser
Just how much did this cost ?
Black Light
My crap black paint looks just as great at night in the rain.
hardly worki
Such a beautiful car now. I could never race it, for fear of crashing and ruining the car. The highest quality paint and restore. Must have been very expensive. Worth every penny.
vegito blue
Really cool stuff. But overkill in my opinion. Use the best clear there is and done. 3 layers more than enough
David G
Beautiful car but not a big fan of the rims. They look dated but im not the owner. so to each their own.
Brian Schaible
Yah beautiful for sure. And ridiculous. To each their own. Can't bring it with you.
FOUR guys sanding at the same time. Some people just have so fucking much money to throw at silly things that it makes the rest of us mere mortals almost puke just thinking about it.
Gavin Pickens
Miguel Morris
I dont know about you guys but i loved every second of it nothing like real work provided great efforts and at the end the approval of a real genius wen it comes down to paint body and full customer service there located in the shop that have taken lots of important cars.. God bless and keep on doing what you all love in the car world.

Much respect to all that work on this department of perfection. Many blessings.
Damian Castillo
Amazing work for an amazing car.
Marlon Parsons
Fuck you you peace of shit........ I wish
all that work for it to just get chipped up
Jacob Garcia
Watching all the work has been amazing! Thanks for sharing...
Marc James
FFS ITS AN OLD PORSCHE . If it was a Bugatti or Top end Ferrari it would make sense being as picky .
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Porsche Full Paint Video Most Insane Paint Job EVER! 1 day ago   02:27

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