Brisca F1 Stock Car Racing 2012 BriSCA Formula 1 World Final 4 months ago   16:45

Skegness 15-9-12. The 2012 World Championship from Skegness Stadium. Many Congratulations to the 2012 World Champion 217 Lee Fairhurst. Having qualified only for the big race an hour or so before, Fairhurst started at the back of the grid Starting at the rear of the grid wasn't a disadvantge this time, as second placed man 4 Dan Johnson also started from the rear of the pack. Only 515 Frankie Wainman Jnr survived from the front, and generally more favoured place to be. Pre-race favourites such as 84 Tom Harris, 150 Mick Sworder and defending World Champion all went out in the destructive event. 318 Rob Speak's race was to end when rolling in turns 1 and 2, where all the action appeared to take place.

Enjoy the video :o)

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bloody good meeting loved it wish i could go to kings lynn this year but cant and nice to see it at skeggy, my home ground.
Prayong Inpomma
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makes it more interesting and takes more skill , especially knowing your gonna get hit on every corner ( if your not quick enough )
robert hughes
here in the states watching youre video.these car's lack some tire's in a very bad way!!!!!!
Team Kearney Motorsport- Jack
cheers mate i have alot of cousins who race in orc lightning rods and stock rods so cheers mate
Ask some of the other drivers and maybe some from the Nationals as well. I'm sure they will be happy to give you some advice.
Team Kearney Motorsport- Jack
hello everryone im a 13 year old boy from northern ireland i am joining the junior rods class at ballymena stadium the car im driving won the 2011 irish championships i was wondering if anyone had any tips for someone who has never raced before?
i agree with both of u, being a frankie fan myself i have thought about that for quite a while
mia pritchard
Love it lol such a good night
Guardian Of Asgaard
Nice track you got there, imaginative design...
Geoff Hardman
That was an awesome piece of driving.....Well done,Lee, I couldn't be happier !
Neil Randon
Excellent video. Brings it all back!
andy jones
Best ever world final, congratulations to Lee, Frank got the style just needs another 50 hp !
thanks to all the drivers for an amazing show
It was Lee's granddad :o)
What a race! I thought they had cocked up the result, but having watched it back now, I was wrong. What a drive from 217 & 4!
Reckon you were stood near Derek! Someone cheering Fairhurst on!! Bad luck Dan , did everything right
Piet Bandiet
Great stuff!
Lee won one of the best finals I've been to awesome racing action packed racing well done again to lee.
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BriSCA Formula 1 World Final Brisca F1 Stock Car Racing 2012 4 months ago   13:44

Another Hednesford World Final and did it deliver! John Lund collects his third win after the ultimate last bend incident.

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