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Mckinsey Careers: Life As A Business | Business Analyst Interview Workshop - At Up-Tube.com

McKinsey Careers: Life as a business Business Analyst Interview Workshop 1 year ago   07:30

McKinsey & Company
Some of our BAs share the inside scoop of what it's like to be an analyst in NA with you.

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ketan gunjal
Academic Business Analytics Survey.
Dear Respondent,
This is our capstone project. We would like to request you to spare some time out of your busy schedule for filling in this questionnaire. Information provided by us will be kept confidential and will be used for research purpose only.
thank you.
Ketan Gunjal (9822622167)
Subham Kumar Sharma (7526956577)
Nitish Kumar (9905925478)

Open this Academic Survey link to fill Questionnaire-
Sounds like what every other company does.
ali khan
Katie Lyons
Great Motivation Thanks!
Prisma Princy
Ashish Rai
So businesses are run by these kind of ppl... what a joke...
I think the term Business Analyst is not specific enough. The terms should be things like Business Intelligence Analyst, Business Development Analyst, Business Systems Analyst. These are vastly different things.
Samuel Hill-Smith
That high five at 6:25 is absolutely criminal!!
Hùng Đỗ Thành
can't imagine these kids, freshly graduated who know nothing specific, 22-25 , would advice big companies on how they should do their business... sometimes CEOs was just too stupid, or just the CEO hiring process? or is it a clandestine, well veined way to money laundering?
Gregg Jaclin
It may be beneficial to feature more concrete examples of what a business analyst does, both over the course of their career and on a day-to-day basis. Thanks for sharing.
Ricky De Gove
They almost never were ties? Is this like their culture?
Applied here many times before, never got hired here...I probably will never work at Mckinsey in this lifetime....
So they basically hire from private liberal arts schools and then wonder why the interns don't know how to do anything? :P
David Jurist
So, they don't hire people who DO KNOW what a BA is and does? And executives actually believe in and act on anything these people have to say? It's a Disneyland for people playing at business.
deepak nagar
Why they make artificial videos on YouTube? Fake company ..don't ever join...
I finally see the point of tv show House of Cards...They don’t hire specifically African - Americans males .... especially if you don’t have an Ivy degree ... with an Ivy degree one might get into HR or customer service . Crazy how ppl at a company you work for can have a program that only “works ” for ppl who don’t even know what the job entails yet everyone hired in their ignorance has an Ivy degree... 😂
Pallavi Pandey
Keshav here looks like typicle "Sharma ji ka beta"
Vish t
Looks like an amazing work place.
I have 10+ years of experience in Banking and Finance industry as a business development manager. I have good understanding of business and want to work as a Business Analyst. I have undergone 40 hours of BA training and also Certified Scrum Master with no BA experience.
Let me know if you have any openings.
Smug Smugly
This MacKenzie, he's a bit of a nut. Someone told me he fired the last guy because his nose whistled when he breathed.
Alonn Barthels
hello please hire me
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Business Analyst Interview Workshop McKinsey Careers: Life as a business 1 year ago   08:23

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Author, Cracking the Business Analyst Interview

For my free email newsletter on passing the business analyst interview and to receive access to all the workshop videos, handouts, business analyst terminology list and slides references in this video, visit the download area at http://mybainterview.com/

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