Turkey’s Erdogan snubs Trump The White House 2PM 1/22/19 | Breaking 2 months ago   05:34

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US National Security Advisor John Bolton is set to depart Turkey without having met with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The two were expected to discuss the fate of the Kurds allied with the United States in Syria, as part of wider discussions about the US troop withdrawal from the country. Earlier, Bolton had said Ankara must guarantee the safety of the Kurds before Washington pulled out. The Turkish president condemned the comments as unacceptable.
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DW News
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sky 5
Turkey is nothing without European Union.
Warning ⚠️
All comments are Turkish supporters
Koksal Ceylan
Your Divide and rule dont gone work becouse we Turks now very well how this politics works we were and empire to for the last Millenium you now?.
The Turks,Kurds created and Made Turkey what it is now a Regional power,will keep on doing it.
gatos poniros
erdoga .. a paranoid dictatar with group o dangerous islamic associates.............NY
Turkey's Erdogan isn't a school boy like Bolton the muppet
Killing Time
Turkey have you ever seen a aircraft carrier ???
Magma Phi
Erdogan got butt hurted for getting the red light to slaughter Kurds in Syria who is in final stage of defeating ISIS, Turkey best partner in the region. Since they barely have any deomcratic friends left. The friends are Chin, Russia, and Iran and newly added Venezuela. Well yeah, not the most peace freedom loving countries in the world. Erdogan and his Sweet ottoman dreams is a serious threat to the western world and everything we stand for.
Frieden oder Krieg
They lied about JFK
They lied about Pearl Harbour
They lied about 9/11
They lied about Afghanistan
They lied about Iraq
They lied about Syria
They lied about Libya
They lied about Jemen
Now they lying about Russia, China, Venezuela, North Korea, Turkey and Iran.

You must be a fool If you believe them.
anaa kaa og
Ardogan is a dictatorship thieve ardogan stole our resources from somalia
Spooky MGTOW
Donald J Bolton is the real potus
Dawood Ahmed
Those turk who called kurds our brothers just since when .. The 1 million Kurdish traders don't represent 24 million real kurds.. And only turkey call them terrorists.. The world doesn't buy turks bss anymore.
Polo C
Turkey should have ARRESTED John Bolton for war crimes in Iraq.
Edward Ong
US is again messing into other countries' affairs; trying to dictate what other countries should or should not do......... Pls remember "One man's meat is another person poison" ......... your friend could be another person enemy.
America is a terrorist nation. Turkey should leave nato and join alliance with Russia and china, bring china in to Mediterranean sea and in to syria.
Yasmin Khan
This did not show Bolton meeting with Netanyanhu and then flying to Turkey. Also that Erdogan said they would not listen to Israel’s lackey Bolton in so many words. No mention of that in this biased clip.
Requested ALL ISLAMI country media and child care foundation action plz incidents of sahiwal city Punjab pakistan 19/01/2019
Moral. Never align with a totalitarian jihadist.
Nplos Le
Turks should be bombed back to central asia
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The White House 2PM 1/22/19 | Breaking Turkey’s Erdogan snubs Trump 2 months ago   37:29

The White House 2PM 1/22/19 | Breaking News Trump | Fox News Jan 22, 2019