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Who Knows Me Better? Challenge.. Sister | Dming Celebrities To Pick My Makeup - At Up-Tube.com

Who knows me better? Challenge.. SISTER DMing Celebrities To Pick My Makeup 2 months ago   21:55

Bretman Rock
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B Hannah
omg same birthday as meeeee
Your Mom
The people that are saying imagine being built by plastic are disrespectful asf! Like Nikita changed her body to match her true self so come for her rude attitude but coming for her body is not only disrespectful but you are bringing down another women
nightcore love
nikita have point :1/2 ok prince:whattttt
Axl Wyne
Jealous nikita its just a game.
Joanne C.
Nikita is one toxic bitch. If you want to be woman, respect other women. Putting Princess down doesn't make you a saint.
Nåjiyåh Sɐvɐge
princess 👑: guys can you please stop cheating
Nikita 💀: princess the last thing cheating on you was your last man

Me: Nikita and the last thing cheating on you is you whOlE career so begon Nikita Drag-Gone. 🙄
Jayonia Mitchell
Your birthday is one day after mine💜
Roya1 Hero
This is the video everyone was talking about??? I seen nothing wrong. . . Only a little bit of banter. I joke around my friends and family all the time saying things that are a little bit out there but have no ill intent towards them.
Bretman, your body count is in the teens. I saw Mae's answer.
Alisha Paudel
Nikita is disrespectful to AUTHENTIC REAL women, let's keep that there.
Vanessa Zamora
Bruh right when she said she’s barley even in your life I just felt like beating the hell outta her like bruh you can’t be telling people who is in and out of there lives bc it isn’t her business 🤦🏻‍♀️
literally nobody:
nikita: 🐬🔊
Ashley Thao
nikita lowkey annoyed me...
Ashley Thao
dang dont get me wrong, i love nikita but she shouldn't be treating princess like that. yeah, bretman does that but thats because they're siblings, it's not any alike for nikita to do the same
Oshin Gurung
I never knew his sister was nikita!!
Finding Niemo
Princess is so cute. I always like her makeup 🥰 on the other hand, I wanna punch Nikita’s implants for disrespecting her. Nobody has the right to roast Princess other than Bretman.
Stephanie Ky
We all know that princess is the real sister
Omg the top model bit was hilarious!!!
crystal rodriguez
the fact that nikitta said stuff like that about princess and to her knowing she got a boyfriend and had to expose her is pretty fucked upp .
Dahlia Angle
I hate Nikita. He is ugly
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DMing Celebrities To Pick My Makeup Who knows me better? Challenge.. SISTER 2 months ago   25:06

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