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1000 Londoners
Children's Nursing student Vicky, shares what she loves about her course and why she wants to help children with special needs in the future.

This film was created by students at Uxbridge College as part of the Youth Takeover season.


This film is part of 1000 Londoners, a ten-year digital project which aims to create a digital portrait of a city through 1000 of the people who identify themselves with it. The profile contains a 3 minute film that gives an insight into the life of the Londoner, as well as their personal photos of London and some answers to crucial questions about their views on London life. Over the course of the project we aim to reveal as many facets of the capital as possible, seeing city life from 1000 points of view.
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1000 Londoners is produced by South London based film production company and social enterprise, Chocolate Films. The filmmakers from Chocolate Films will be both producing the films and providing opportunities to young people and community groups to make their own short documentaries, which will contribute to the 1000 films. Visit


- Hi I'm Vicky Eghan, I'm a children's nursing student, studying at Buckinghamshire University, and I live in North West London. I chose to do nursing because I've always wanted to help people and nursing is one of those professions where that is all you do, you help people. And I'd love to look after young children, hence why I chose Children's Nursing. Just wanting to make a difference in their life, promote health and help them to be the best they can be and get the best quality of life. The mannequins and sim babies in the simulation lab are really high tech, and enable us as students to practise our skills before we go out into practice. Our lecturers can enable them to make a sound, breathe, in order for us to carry out our assessment and make sure we know what we're doing for when we go out into practice. At Buckinghamshire University they split the course into six month blocks. So, the first six months is theory based, so we're on campus for two days and the rest is self-guided learning. We learn our clinical skills in the simulation labs, ready to prepare us for practice. And then the other side is research based, as nursing is evidence based, from previous research, Because without having the research, you wouldn't know if anything would work or not, so we have to do that and then work on public health skills, and promoting health within nursing. During my first year of nursing, I was placed on a general children's ward, which I really enjoyed, I was there for 10 weeks. I learned a lot whilst there, including baseline observations. I found it hard to take a child's temperature, but with practise I developed the confidence to do this. And I was able to carry out these observations quite quickly. I developed skills in talking to patients and their families as Children's Nursing is not just the child, you have to take into account the whole family, the parents, and their siblings, it's holistic care. My second placement I was placed on an adult insight ward because even though I am studying Children's Nursing, we come across adults who are the family members, and we have to be prepared in case something happens with them and know what to do. I then had a learning disabilities placement in a school, 4 weeks, which I absolutely loved. It made me miss my old job, and I did question whether nursing was for me, after that placement, but then I realised I just needed to carry on through the course, and then I could go back into that field and work with children with special needs once qualified, and I've had a recent placement in an orthopaedic ward where there's lots of spinal surgery, so I was able to go into theatre and observe many different types of surgery which was really interesting.

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first year hospital placement Children's Nursing student Vicky, 4 months ago   23:37

Heyy! I've had a lot of questions about my degree, specifically placement! I thought it might be helpful/interesting for people to be able to get an honest view on what a clinical placement is like for a first year student in the UK! I hope you enjoy it!

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