Can wolves and humans coexist in Germany? Land grabbing in Romania | DW Documentary 6 months ago   03:32

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As wolves return to Germany, the danger of attacks on humans is growing. Animal protectionists fear that open season will be declared on the creatures. Can wolf management help coexistence between humans and the wolves?


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Western European people cannot handle nature anymore. They're too remoted from their origin. Meat and milk for example come from the factory. Animals are welcome, as long as they do what pleases us.
your DISCOVERelax channel
Wolves are living for over 20 years regular in germany ... and I am still happy about it
Linda Jürgensen
I‘m german and I‘m happy that wolfs are coming back here... we should all start to protect wildlife and nature more!
Other countries can live totally fine with wolfs, bears, elks etc. no reason to make such a drama out of it.
And also... wolfs can’t drive trucks into christmas markets Merkel< 😒
Alan Ortiz Colombo
I propose hunting the hunters instead, or putting them in a zoo...
rurutu M
Let's start killing till we feel it's sustainable. German thinking hasn't changed in 80 years
Kurt Häusler
This is a perfect example of a political decision there is no scientific or economic basis for true or false or right or wrong. We should have a referendum: Should wolves be allowed to be shot, or should they be protected. I am neutral and would not vote but there should be a final decision and an end to the discussion.
ivan bregar
In slovenia we have wolves, bears, foxes, wild pigs, lynx and lots of others.
Gaia Verita
Don't kill wolves please. They are wonderful animals.
Eluwenie Stargazer
Sounds like these are the prime literal meaning of :
"A wolf in sheep's clothing", these wolves are crying wolf. Shy and scared. And "Hungry Like the Wolf" - Duran, Duran
Kevin Costner showed everyone how to befriend a wolf in the film "Dances With Wolves" a very patient person can succeed and make them a friend instead of a foe. Sans hunting and traps.
Paul Cezanne
Being a canadian I'm happy most people here dont have this mentality, I appreciate my forest the way it's supposed to be personally and not maintained to make my life easy
Devesh Bhosale
again with this documentary ? U guys are trolling right ?
John Valerian
Why not use German Shepherds or Belgian Malinois to defend livestock?
Bader Ralef
Where are dogs to protect ???
Ring Dave
as long as they do not eat too many people. Montana is bigger than Germany. Montana has wolves but only 1 million people. 82 million people in Germany.
if a wolf becomes a problem, like eating too many people, then shoot them.
take precautions do not walk at night in the woods. carry a stick.
Kommissar Knusprig
Germany is way too dense populated to host wolfs.
They should compensate the farmers, it can't cost the world.
"Hunters" are cowards, not too brave without their weapons and the most selfish of all human sub-species of carnist morons:
Half the world's animals have gone since 1970: humans and domestic farm animals now account for 96% of mammals, only 4% are left in the wild. 
Humans will not share: they cannot coexist with their own species, let alone other earthlings with which we share this planet.
And humankind will not survive without a supporting biosphere. There is your answer; sadly, Germany has the highest consumption of the dead flesh of corpses anywhere in Europe.
Just remember: nature has a habit of fighting back hard.
Al Demir
Why not, cage the people and free the wolfs. Its only right thing to do,
Yousha Ahmad
They government/ local authorities should compensate farmers for the lost livestock and not allow them to shoot the wolves. They should also educate locals about the risk posed by wolves to humans being very low.
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Land grabbing in Romania | DW Documentary Can wolves and humans coexist in Germany? 6 months ago   25:56

"Land grabbing" in Romania is a problem. Large areas of arable land are falling into the hands of major foreign investors, at the expense of local people.

So-called land grabbing, buying up large areas of agricultural land, is no longer just a phenomenon in Africa or Latin America - it is a topic around the world. Countries in Eastern Europe are also increasingly affected. The documentary looks at the people affected by large-scale land acquisitions. A change to the law in 2014 has made Romania’s pastures and arable land highly attractive to foreign investors, from Europe and around the world. Buying agricultural land brings in big EU farming subsidies. And when farming no longer pays off for domestic smallholders, they feel forced to sell their holdings. It’s turned into a kind of mass fire sale. But in many cases of land grabbing, the land isn’t used for agricultural purposes. Pasture and arable land is left fallow, or it goes into private ownership. And local farmers and people are paying a heavy price. Monoculture is destroying biodiversity and cheap agricultural products from abroad are wrecking the country’s domestic markets. The land is being pulled from under the feet of an entire generation of Romanian farmers. But a group is keen to mobilize Romania's five million small-scale farmers to oppose land grabbing in the country.

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