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There are plenty of nice, good-hearted actors out there, and then there are some mean, difficult, downright rude ones as well. This video will focus on the latter type, and some of the names on this list may surprise you. From a Christmas vacationer to a versatile, ever-changing, morphable method actor or two, these actors are some of the most challenging to work alongside. Sit back, get comfy, and get ready for our list of Actors No One Wants to Work With!

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4. Dustin Hoffman
Much like Edward Norton, Dustin Hoffman is reportedly a perfectionist and insists on doing things the way he sees them being done. The actor shot up to fame way back in 1967 with The Graduate, but that was nowhere near his first acting gig. Hoffman had been a stage actor for some time before the role came along and even tried to suppress his own fame following the critically acclaimed movie. He turned down multiple roles and directors in order to ensure his star wouldn’t get too big; however, not long after, he got a bunch of parts in successful films, and his star became bright anyway. It’s been said that Hoffman can be difficult and a “chore” to work with as his perfectionism got in the way of rationality. He would apparently demand scenes be reshot if he didn’t like them and there were shouting matches between him and director Sydney Pollack, which is pretty common knowledge. He’s a great actor, but even the greats can lose respect by being difficult to work with.

3. Russell Crowe
Good old Rusty has starred in and made appearances in a slew of great movies since he began acting way back in the 1970s. Think A Beautiful Mind, Gladiator, and Les Miserables. But this New Zealander is pretty notorious for not being the nicest guy in the business, although it hasn’t seemed to affect his career all that much. He once reportedly called producer, Branko Lustig, in the dead of night and said some not so very nice things. He’s belittled interviewers, had outbursts, and supposedly gotten into spats on set; however, there’s no tangible proof to back the claims. He did once treat a new interviewer terribly on the red carpet of a movie premiere—an interviewer who just so happened to be a young Giuliana Rancic. She opened up about it and let it be known that Crowe was her meanest celebrity interview ever.

2. Alec Baldwin
Well, this is no big surprise to anybody. Alec Baldwin has made headlines for what seems like forever for being quite the mean guy. He’s another one of those celebs that seem to survive their bad reputation and continue to get work, though. He’s done many things off set that should have derailed his career, like freaking out on a flight attendant when she asked him to shut off his phone. Or the time he threw insults at a photographer and hit another. Or when he told a reporter he’d like to choke her and hit another reporter with his bike. Maybe the drunken voicemail he left for his young daughter comes to mind? He’s also reported to be pretty bad on set as well. While filming 30 Rock, he would complain about pointless things, yell and berate the cast and crew, and show up late without a care in the world. He’s hard to work with, and many don’t like him, so how has he survived so long?


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Jeff Harper
Pricks galore
Frank 0
Bradley Cooper, Faye Dunaway, Kevin Spacey, Val Kilmer, ( probably nice people before fame and penniless ) human ego poisons the soul.
Jo Mama
John Travolta in 1977 May in Brooklyn while he was at six brothers working for Saturday night fever my apartment was right above the wear house and while I watching filming the same shot over and over again he stepped upstairs and gave me head and I have had to wait forty two years to tell you !
If you will ask him he will be reminded of the incident and say hello to him from alley,s how he remembers my name !
On Firth avenue bay ridge and seventy seventh street where a tripod of lights was taken while it was right out my door and made a bedroom lite out of it !
Ask him he remembers it !
If he doesn’t he has lost count how many youngsters he had bitten down to it and at the place that disco place on ninth avenue where he was showing off his technical skills how to move his arm at the disco inferno it was the second time he did the right thing
....." for me for the second time paying me top dollar at that time ...
Nr. 1 should be Klaus Kinski:

In this clip he is not acting, he is real!
Shalom Heppner
Rob Lowe
Billy Scott
Lynda Carter
Renzo Schauwecker
Jack Nicholson, it is said...
William Ferguson
I think Pinocchio was rather wooden as an actor, but I believe he became a nice person.
Dick Pelphrey
Christian Bale has a reputation for being difficult.
Vixen Feline
It's a shame two truly great artists no longer on the screen, I’ve missed both Edward Norton and Dustin Hoffman
Marilyn Jackson
Barbra Streisand
Marilyn Jackson
Mel Gibson
Geo Thomas
Anymore they're all assholes and dysfunctional leftists. Turn your tv off and gain instant IQ points.
Geo Thomas
La buff or whatever the asshol's name is is a complete, well, asshole.
Brandon Martinez
Ben Affleck is a jerk.
Surely Goodness
Tom Cruz
I did a lot of background seasons 2&3 of Sex and The City, all 4 ladies were very nice, and at time never sensed any tension between SJP and KC.. Did stand in for Steve Martin, reserved but polite. Joan Rivers was very friendly and charming. Jimmy Fallon same funny, nice guy on camera or off. Did overnight shoot on “A Beautiful Mind”, that particular night Crowe was fine. Jeff Goldblum simply the best! Worst thing I ever saw was Ed O’Neill being snippy with a PA, but nothing major. I was never on set with either, but have heard many say Stallone and Sean Connery were big time a**holes on set.
Jim Dunmire
Steve Martin seemed uppity during the filming of "Trains, planes and automobiles"
Joe G
are they difficult actors or are the others difficult coworkers ?
N Wardinski
There was a time when actors and actresses where not allowed to be buried in cemeteries..
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