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Making 3D Pancakes! | Frozen 2 Princess Cakes! - Nerdy - At Up-Tube.com

Making 3D Pancakes! FROZEN 2 PRINCESS Cakes! - NERDY 2 days ago   08:16

Making pancakes in 3D!
How to watch a VR video on Youtube: Make sure to use a VR Headset or Cardboard viewer to have the full immersive experience. Click the VR icon on the bottom right side of the screen if you are watching with a headset. If you do not have a headset, you can still view this video in 180 by moving your mobile device around or dragging your mouse on your computer. Make sure to change the settings to the highest quality.
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Comments 827 Comments

Billy Walker
When you keep a photo of your dog on the ceiling😂
Sam Lozano
I specifically came to your chanel to watch a cooking video & I’m glad I clicked on this one😂😂 you’re a messss🤣
Olivia Holst
Smash Hit Productions
Did you use TAP water? OMG. LOL
crazy world creative passions
Omg justine! 😂😂 Chu made a big mess and waving knives about😂😂 also, why in the hecc was her phone in a random drawer 😂😂
Cinema Credits
That does not look like real syrup or perhaps she needs to purchase organic, thicker syrup...?
Brooklyn Dorough
For a while, I thought she just had a terrible camera man and they just kept shaking the screen, until oblivious me figured out I was the terrible camera man 😂
N Fisher
Why do you have a picture of Maddie on the roof
I am actually watching this in VR
i wore a headset for this and when she threw the pancake w the knife and fork i was sad that it wasn’t really in my lap for me to eat.
Mini Milk
Did anyone else see that Fortnite llama in the corner? 😂
guys, give her a break. she's been making good content for longer than 2008.
sanam madiha
Also justine the maple syrup is a bit too liquidy so it might be expired
Amir Afiq
how old is iJustine?
Laga Bleka
Am I the only one who though the camera person was rlly bad but then realised it was me
Jackson Stevens
Who else saw Maddie on the ceiling🐶🐶🐶🐶
Chelsea Bradford
No hate towards you, and this is pretty cool but it got on my nerves real quick!!!
Please do more of 180 ord 360 vr pls
This is a messing video

Not a cooking video🤣🤣🤣
Xean Ball
I didn’t realize it was a 3d video and just thought the camera wiggles so much
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FROZEN 2 PRINCESS Cakes! - NERDY Making 3D Pancakes! 2 days ago   25:07

We recreated my most viewed video EVER! Have we gotten better???
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