Anderson Cooper 360 Interview with Tom Cruise's Heated Interview With 1 day ago   11:19

Anderson Cooper interviews Lawrence Wright about his book, "Going Clear, Scientology, Hollywood and the prison of belief."

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Do Scientologists get paid? The Church pays 10% commissions to recruiters, called Field Staff Members (FSMs), on new recruits they bring in who take a course or receive counseling. In addition, Church of Scientology franchises/missions, pay the Church roughly 10% of their gross income. How much does it cost to be a Scientologist? In addition to courses, Scientologists must attend auditing, essentially the church's term for therapy, which costs $800 an hour. These expensive auditing sessions can last a minimum of two and a half hours each, Remini said. They involve in auditor who listens and helps members "find and handle areas of distress."Dec 14, 2016 ..... definition of Ponzi Scheme |@t @t › protect-your-investments › fraud › types-fraud
.... A Ponzi scheme is an investment fraud that pays existing investors with funds collected from new investors. Ponzi scheme organizers often promise to invest your money and generate high returns with little or no risk. ... Ponzi schemes are named after Charles Ponzi, who duped investors ...
Tammy Womack
stop watching and paying for these actors movies they cant support this evil cult
penny miller
You must watch the DVD Going Clear Scientology and the prison of belief.......It's on amazon
pauline tayen
Pyramids?Triangles? The letter S? Aren't those symbols represented for another known organization?
penny miller
Liars...see the DVD
Hopefully tom do something stop this abuse ,but still have done nothing get
I bet Anderson Cooper have watched tons of Tom Cruise since this interview
Linda Hunt
And scientology is more fiction than fact, for goodness sake, it was written by a science fiction writer!!!!
Linda Hunt
David is a complete sadist and evil beyond belief. Have a look at his evil face
Anderson is a sack of shit
Antje Klaster
The fiction/fact reaction from them on his book is very ironical
Jen Holmes
Doubled in money & halved in numbers. We have 2000 of them who identify with scientology in the last census in Australia. They are now getting volunteers from Asia sadly. Everyone can get the course work for free Wikileaks published 600 pages of this rubbish
On the surface Scientology is a mix between a self help seminar and a financial pyramid scheme. Underneath the surface it’s a far more bizarre, sinister and dangerous cult.
Tammy Bettiga
Australia was first deemed by hubbard as the future of the earth


hubbard blacklisted Australia as hell on earth

Raami Sodhi
If it's good enough for Brando it's good enough for me! Sold!
Scientology is bleeding members, that's good news. Unfortunately Scientology will always have Travolta and Cruise ensnared in their web because they can be blackmailed from their audits.
David K
Science-fiction writer founded the so called religion... Fucking hilarious, lol.
Linda Richards
Going Clear wasn't published till 1/17/2013.
graham murphy
americans are nuts
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Tom Cruise's Heated Interview With Anderson Cooper 360 Interview with 1 day ago   13:56

On June 23, 2005, Tom Cruise joined Matt Lauer to discusses his new film "War Of The Worlds," his new relationship with Katie Holmes, and Scientology.
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