TOP 10 JAMAICAN STEREOTYPES Jamaican Patois — Country Folk 4 months ago   10:02

Danny & Chaddy 4 Ever
JAMAICAN STEREOTYPES ( TOP 10 ) that we find annoying. Comment below stereotype

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You don't look lebanese Chaddy. You look Indian to me.
Ruth Franklin
Dating a Jamaican man right now and I simply love him. When he speaks patwah I melt 💓
Shay Thom
My Daddy from Spanish Town, St Catherine🇯🇲
miz dior
I'm shook, Chaddy you're from the same parish and street, as I am?? no way!!!. I may very well know your parents. You said you are a Smith,(maiden name) right? so is my grandmother!!
Fkn half breed on this Video sht the fuck up.
Jamaica have many Famous People in the world.The Olympic to Music and movies.The world fastes man came from Jamaica including the legend and the Pirates History.Jamaica have many legend History the Past,the present and the Future.
This two on the video born yesterday in American New York.You know nothing about Jamaica.
Little Shit.
Jamaica is are Land of the Free and Rastafari and Reggae Culture including History of the Pirate.
Your video sux.
Layla Mai
Me too Spanish Town 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
Jaye Robbins
People also don't think there are White and other races besides Black in Jamaica
kally zore
Amanda Re
Same when I go Jamaica, they ask “Where you from” me: U.K , them: “Ahh you come from Brixton” 🙄 then ask me if I know Blakka or Shabba or some other endz man I don’t know lol got to love em
Amanda Re
Love Jamaica tho, my 2nd home ....
Amanda Re
Also Jamaicans assume because we want born in Jamaica we can’t cook? The same way their mother teach them the same way our mother teach us ....
Amanda Re
But also jam have stereo type because my sis has dreads and all the wine she gets “Yes Ras a mi av Di good weed” and I’m like “well sen on nuh” she doesn’t smoke but I do, they just assume she does
Amanda Re
I’m born in UK both parents from Jamaica and when I go there n tell them I’m from London they change they accent I can understand and they put on a fake American accent? But I’m from U.K.? Don’t get get why they do this? I can talk n understand patios quite well thnx
murda blood
That all jamiacans can cook
Audley Mclean
I'm gonna try to explain the mon for man,, in Jamaica we where thought to pronounce the LETTER A as ''AH!!'' so the shortness of the pronunciation sound like O when one says it fast, in the U.S. A is pronounced as AAA, ''does that makes sense? stereo type comes natural, for I use to think all Afro Americans could sing, I nearly drop dead when I heard one singing outa tune, could say more but mi done..
Lois Taylor woolcok
y is it that people think that Jamaican people cant be white as my granddad is Jamaican but he is more white den black
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Jamaican Patois — Country Folk TOP 10 JAMAICAN STEREOTYPES 4 months ago   03:53

In 2012 I visited the Island of Jamaica, where my parents come from for the first time. I took my camera and I attempted to film absolutely EVERYTHING. This clip, might seem to most people, quite mundane, but it features my mum, my sister, and family having a conversation in their beautiful patois and generally living the everyday country life... Enjoy