Chevy Bowtie Replacement: 2015 LS 5.3 Silverado Engine Removal and Rebuild 4 months ago   10:23

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Darren takes you along for this Chevy Bowtie replacement on this 2015 Silverado Truck where the customer wanted to swap out the yellow Chevy bowite with a black bowtie.

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plasti dip
siccen s
I wish you would wear a sunhat when you're directly out in the sun for extended periods of time.
Robert Wise
Can an illuminating front chevy emblem be installed on a 2012 silverado 1500 LTZ???
White Dragon VIP Service
I have 2015 Chevy Suburban I want to change my I live at OC
nat koenig
Plasti dip!!! Takes 15 minuets
Zsolt Beres
What is that round white drill attachment that you use to clean the left over tape?
Eduardo Jiménez
Can you change the front grill and bumper of a 2015 silverado and put a grill and bumper of a 2016? 😅
Geez, It ain't brain surgery....
insane on mines
I live in the oc u have shop I wanna do my 2014 silverado
jc cloud
The front emblem pops off without opening the hood or going underneath dude
Hardon Cowboy
Hell yeah. These videos are a lot of help. I took a bt off a one a while back, out in the mid-west. Took a few hours and a lot of money, but I got the screwdriver to match up with the screw and I undid the screw with the screwdriver. THNX. Keep making grate content.
Mark J
There's a much easier way to remove the front emblem. Remove the top cover as shown in the video. Remove the 3 bolts on the top edge of the grille. The entire grill then snaps out. Pop the emblem off, snap the new one on, snap the grill back on, replace the 3 bolts and top cover. Done. Takes about 5 minutes, a flat screwdriver, and a 10mm socket. No scraped knuckles, no climbing underneath.
This guy is an idiot!
v mann
Dental floss works better
Old fart is trying to make it sound like that is a job for NASA engineers. LMAO
Hell, I didn't even know this was a thing.
Southern Fisherman
Also I have no bow tie on tailgate
Southern Fisherman
What would be the price for either chrome or black grill and tailgate bow ties for 2015 Silverado install and all
The Car Crazy Guy
On the rear of my Colorado, it wasn't too bad. Most of the adhesive stayed on the emblem. Using my fingers I carefully removed the adhesive, followed by a wax that removed the remainder of the adhesive, rubbing alcohol, and then placement. The factory had the emblem placed slightly off to the side as the center line didn't match up to the rear view camera. Using tape as my guide lines it went on perfectly. I too am a perfectionist. Nice video.
The Car Crazy Guy
I have a 2017 Chevrolet Colorado and I wanted to switch the bowtie to the black version. Although I don't have the back door that you have on the Silverado I figured out how to remove it without damaging the grill. I simply went from above through the latch hole and used a very long flat bladed screwdriver. I slipped a business card fold over between the left side of the emblem and grill putting tension on it. Using a long flat bladed screwdriver I reached the tab and gave it a tap which released the first tab. I pulled up on the emblem and the second tab automatically released. I kept applying tension on the emblem and performed the same procedure on the third tab. The last tab wasn't visible from the top but I could see it when I lifted the emblem away from the grill. Carefully sliding a screwdriver between the grill and the emblem I gave it a gentle tap on the tab and it popped free of the grill.
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LS 5.3 Silverado Engine Removal and Rebuild Chevy Bowtie Replacement: 2015 4 months ago   17:57

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