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How To Remove Scratches From Car Permanently | How To Remove Swirls, Scratches & Polish - At Up-Tube.com

How to Remove Scratches from Car PERMANENTLY How To Remove Swirls, Scratches & Polish 7 months ago   11:58

Fix scratches on car. Learn how to remove car scratches at home with these 5 easy steps and no special tools! After watching this video you will know how to identify and repair clear coat scratches from your car's paint so it looks new again!

Soapy Wooder: https://goo.gl/HCpxjx
3000 Grit Sandpaper: http://amzn.to/1TQJFff
5000 Grit Sandpaper: http://amzn.to/1TQJHUg
Polish: http://amzn.to/1QIH8zJ
Wax: http://amzn.to/1SEB2mj
Microfiber Towel: http://amzn.to/1TQK01h
Tape: http://amzn.to/1SEBgtL

Top 10 Car Cleaning Mistakes: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/rs_-FAFaOlt
How to Remove Paint Transfer: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/7mmd5s8k5s4
How to Restore Headlights PERMANENTLY: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/HRWoXYM7EzZ

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Comments 9789 Comments

How do you fix a deep scratch ?
Jeff Sidebottom
Worked perfectly on my truck.
Steven Walker
Will the haze come back after the wax wares off???
the dealership couldnt keep their word so Im fixing paint
Sameer Hassan
Hi there thank you for creating amazing content! I ha e a question, how would this fix impact a few car washes? And what should we do to maintain it
Great explanation. Since your sanding away the top layer does the polish or wax permanently fill that layer in permanently or will it need doing frequently/infrequently?
What kind of soap do you recommend to make the soapy water?
Mauro Castaldi
does it work on electric cars too ?
Sing With My Channel
Thank you for sharing this video! I could fix all of my scratches, but I still have some deep scratches, could you show how to remove deep scratches on the car, so I can make my car look new again.
I wish I saw that video before scratching last name on my dad’s new black car with a chalk (it actually was a rock) when I was 7 ;)
Royal Bmx
Is there any way to remove scratches from windows? Like wiper blade scratches and the side window
Digby Dooright
Oh no, I used Gorilla tape. O.o
Deadman XXVI
Great video! Now I have lots of work to do on my 5 cars. 😬
Mark Richard Umali
Hi ChrisFix. Can this be effective on white pearly color?
WarDuck Tank Co.
Great, now I can fix every single one of the 70,000 visible scratches on my black car :/
Sheila Dafriza
I'm screwming while you cratching ur car 😐
Helen Ellsworth
My partner says that I'll ruin my paint work if I were sand before polishing, is that true
David Garcia
Hey Chris do you work on any 99 chevy suburbans 1500? I am having a problem with the oil pressure gauge and when I check the oil stick its full or empty but thats not reading right either. Can you please help?
Black Jack
Jah after all that take it to the paint shop because your door are different colour
Robert McElroy
Thanks ...good information
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How To Remove Swirls, Scratches & Polish How to Remove Scratches from Car PERMANENTLY 7 months ago   16:29

Products used in this video:
-Chemical Guys GAP_VKIT_04 - V Line Polish & Compound Sample Kit (4 oz) V32, V34, V36, V38

-Porter Cable 7424 XP Dual Action Orbital Polisher + FREE BACKING PLATE & Accessories

-Chemical Guys HEX_3KIT_6 - Hex-Logic 6.5" Buffing Pad Sampler Kit (4 Items)


In this video, Greg from the Chemical Guys Training Team demonstrates how to remove swirls, scratches, and defects from any clearcoat painted vehicle using Chemical Guys V36 and V38 Optical Polishes teamed the the Hex-Logic series of pads.

This video will give you the perfect information to go make any vehicle look amazing with a swirl free finish. Today's latest DUAL ACTION POLISHING TECHNOLOGY will allow anyone to achieve that perfect finish that professionals have been able to achieve for year!!!

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