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Iphone Vs. 1200Hp Supra! (Bent | $20 Supra Rides Is Back... Epic - At Up-Tube.com

iPHONE vs. 1200hp SUPRA! (BENT $20 Supra Rides Is Back... Epic 9 months ago   13:20

Cleetus McFarland
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Well that went a little better than we planned lol!

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Comments 1428 Comments

how do u know it wasnt from just hitting the ground it shattered. "OOoH thErE iS nO wAAy It brOkE From hItTing THe GroUnd" shut up dummie
Hardware Benchmarks
What would happen if it was your face instead of the IPHONE ?
BoB Derprock
Brick duck taped or something to some bricks
-"hows it going man?"
-"hows it going?"
You answer a question with a QUESTION!?
it is not 6s.. Its 6 because there is no S at back cover
syc capn
Can a supra break a ear drum?
Heather Wheatley
CLEETUS is Albert
Jaxon Wood
Anything can break a iPhone
Remain iOS
911: Do y’all hear gunshots ?
fluffy da cat
If i could order the parts like the screen, LCD, new housing i could rebuild that phone.
Martin Devino
6:15 your welcome
Antox12 -
12:18 Thank you very much! For what? For breaking your phone? Ok
don't check my channel

Can it break Nokia 3310
big tex503
What you mean no cracks? I see a bunch..... Oh shit thats my screen
Daniel Franco
That supra slow af and you week to hold it white people these days
Salteen Dude
A Samsung would've held up!
airforceguy1965/roblox airforce
0:01 "Yes I would like to buy a oallet of mountain dew your findist."
Capn Demolished
10:58 The Supra has Taco Bell
Jirafa _Yt
iPhone vs evo
Chipdiddy123 -
6:56 at 0.25 playback speed omg lol
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$20 Supra Rides Is Back... Epic iPHONE vs. 1200hp SUPRA! (BENT 9 months ago   14:28

You asked for more so hear it is! $20 Supra Rides is back this time the reactions are even better.
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