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Some footage from our stay at Seastar Inn, Negril Jamaica. November 2011 - Opening day after the renovations in November. - everything wasn't finished yet, they were still working on the details as you can see in the footage.

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Seastar rocks!  Simply the best in Westend Negril. You will be treated like family by the owners, Chris and the most beautiful woman in Negril, Francine.
we just booked.. cant wait till Saturday night see Chris and play some pool up stairs than the SHOW!!! lets not even get started with the food buffet one of the best in Negril..
jim gilbey
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Exploring Negril, Jamaica Seastar Inn - Negril, Jamaica 1 day ago   04:28

We're in Negril, Jamaica mon! In this video you'll see rock divers at Rick's cafe, How about where to a find free access to Seven Mile beach,? You can stay at a Castle that has a grotto that you can skinny dip your way to the big water and back. Or you can stay at the exotic Rockhouse Hotel.