Professor sends dude FLYING The MOST Disrespectful Dunks in The Modern 8 months ago   04:38

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Captain Falcon Fvcks
The average height for that random collection of people is impressive
Albert Aguilar
Sweet shoes. Gotta get me some
Albert Aguilar
What brand shoes do you wear
189 netherlanders disliked
The Kid
you basically molested those neanderthals
What type of shoe Professor was wear in the video?
Why does professor play with people who are not in his level no offence. Professor should play people in his level.
Forrest Gump
So this means your team suck in 🏀......
lulu mink
Those dutch guys prolly didn't know that they played with the Professor...
NowA NevA
I’ll never understand kids today’s wearing the tightest gayest pants. Glad I grew up in the baggy or at least loose fitting era. Bunch of feminine men they’ve created
Jason B
Great camera work at 2:32.
did he miss a shot? god damn
Go visit Seoul, South Korea. You will have a million instant followers.
Virginia Orosco
OK I think that is not allowed
wait a sec I live there; where was I WTF
Patricia Bienaime
First of all my name is Brayden Bienaime not Patricia Bienaime
cowabungah GEOFF
FLYING like winged creatures lmao
nate carroll
Damn janitors always forget to put down the caution/wet sign.
Rueben Zamora
He makes it look so easy, but It's taken him his whole life to control the ball like that.
demo nitization
Why does he always refer to himself in the third person in his titles?
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The MOST Disrespectful Dunks in The Modern Professor sends dude FLYING 8 months ago   09:10

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