Farting 'Trump Toilet' Statue 3 months ago   01:01

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A 16-foot-tall, farting statue of Trump tweeting on the toilet is headed to the UK ahead of the president’s upcoming trip.
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In the latest Trump news, a giant statue of Trump tweeting on the toilet is coming to the UK ahead of President Donald Trump's visit. In terms of funny videos, try not to laugh at this one. Are Trump tweets today coming from the toilet? It's unclear, but this Trump statue is definitely making a statement.

Designer Don Lessem raised $ on GoFundMe for the project, which depicts Trump tweeting on a gold toilet, wearing a MAGA hat that says ‘Impeach Me!’ with his tie hanging into the bowl.

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Born in the USA
One with Mother Russia feeding baby Trump would be hilarious.
Pamela Condila
I couldn't stop laughing at this video, beautifully done thank you thank you thank you
James Behrje
It's nice to see that Europe's unemployment rate is so high that people have plenty of time to make Trump floats and have drunken street parties!!! Got to love Europe!!! We don't have time in America to make floats of all the liberal European leaders. So sad!!! Oh Well I got to go back to work now.
Trump has always been a million (unintentional) laughs.
Mark Spark
F**king idiots!
Lala Lyons
The artist of this statue how much did you make on this. What you on to be so intelegent . ?????
Lala Lyons
Of course idiots find this funny. The morons promoting this are LOW life's with no Sigvivant purpose in their useless life
Nelda Jean
He’s an embarrassment to out country! We’re a laughing joke because of this moron.
Kripto Nite
Republicans, Republicans, grow balls. You see what he Irange Floater is doing, yet you let him do it. Hang the Floater, maybe not, just flush him out.
Nikki B
Isn't he just a hundsome devil....haha...Love it, spitting image!
Just Me
ENGLAND your invited to bring toilet trump and baby trump to AMERICAS July 4th celebration held in Washington DC. Thank you
Aethera ab Regnum O.H.M.
chari blomquist
How immature. Morons
Gary Conner
Great Britain is the best
Eric Rivera
I've always loved UK humor...insult you politely..
Dennis Mitchell
What a sign and wonder. To those who devised this glorious monument please take note ! ! You just lowered yourselves dignity and honor of authoritarians to an never before LOW. EVEN LOWER AND WORSE THAN TRUMP ! !
theodore roberts
This should be in Washington on the steps of the Whitehouse.
Patrick Gallimore
'Toilet Trump' is even better, than, 'Baby Trump'...Thanks, Britain!...Nobody does it better!
I love the people who made this.
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Farting 'Trump Toilet' Statue 3 months ago   08:06