How To Drive An Automatic Car-FULL Tutorial Toyota Wigo 1.0G TRD A/T 2017/2018 7 months ago   09:36

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In this video, I show you how to drive an automatic car. It is a complete tutorial that is geared towards beginner drivers. Driving a car for the first time can be a daunting experience because there are many things to worry about; however, this tutorial should help you to understand the basics that are involved in driving a car! It is actually really easy once you get the hang of it! Please, remember to be safe while driving!

Please, use this information responsibly, and only use this tutorial if you are of the legal age to drive a car where you live.

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I just need to get used to how sensitive the gas and brake pedals are.
Maina Waweru
Am a Kenyan I have really enjoyed this video bring more ,
Kaleb Cintron
I wish my turns were this smooth
Vimukthi Deshan
You are the best
Andonrbx - Prince Channel
Cal chuchesta giving driving lessons.

Furry Bear
2.7k dislikes are from Europeans.
Norron leganda
Imagine being in the car and stopping to look at your phone for the next step
ketashi 96
god help us
Trường dạy lái xe Toàn Thắng
Video chuyên nghiệp, đẹp mắt
hướng dẫn rất hay
Dhruv Rachakonda
Manual is the master race
Dirtysoda Gameplay
jonny sin
Good video but; my 2 cents
You should ALWAYS disengage the hand brake first, while fully breaking because a lot of people can forget the hand break, even experienced drivers might get distracted with something and forget.
You can still drive (almost normal) with most cars with hand break engaged. This can damage the car. Inexperienced drivers especially may not even realize after a long drive that handbreak is not disengaged.
So turn on car, keep the gear in Park, apply full break, and disengage hand break, then put the gear in D or R, then release the break, and apply throttle if necessary.
J Or
At the beginning he actually sounds like a manual car gearing up.
Hey everybodyyy
Im here todayyy...
Flynn Jacobs
How is this a video, it’s go and stop you must be not very smart to not know how to drive it
Enzo 1965
"Feeding" the steering wheel is the *safest* way to steer. If you have to recover from a skid, you might have to go to full lock, which will take longer with hand over hand. Do not listen to this guy.

Edit: Stop and pull up parking brake, then put it in Park. This sequence prevents the car from rolling slightly forward or back on a hill after you put it in park.

Like I said....🙄
Jarell Sims
Imagine what people thought when they saw him
pointlessly driving
Why the fuck would you need a automatic car tutorial?
Thanks Grampa for teaching me how to drive an automatic car, now I can steal it and go to mcdonalds whenever I want 😈
Soongii :3
Got slapped from my sister because I didn’t know how to drive so I’m here to teach myself:))
Hello There
What happens if you press the gas all the way to the floor?
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Toyota Wigo 1.0G TRD A/T 2017/2018 How To Drive An Automatic Car-FULL Tutorial 7 months ago   16:16

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