Installing Headers On The LAST Naturally The CAR WIZARD finds a wiring nightmare! 2 days ago   26:27

Forget super quiet straight pipes. Try running totally open long tube headers on a big old V8! Or watch this video where I do just that to my C63 AMG with the awesome sounding naturally-aspirated 6.2 liter M156 engine. I also break studs into the really expensive cylinder head and extract them out. If you've ever broken a bolt off you are going to want to see how I did this. It's basically a mechanics worst nightmare since you risk damaging a really expensive AMG cylinder head. Should be fun!

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Comments 636 Comments

What's the loudest car you've owned?
Removing the mount would have made it easier
Bobby A
Pity your poor neighbor.
Pedro A. F. C.
That's a hell of a job you did out there on your C63 AMG...great !!! Congrats again Alex !!!
Druw Vargo
Trans am sounds so much better
How does these Victory Road Performance headers fair against the competition in performance? Fitment looks real good though.
Michael Morris
Nice video bro, I was thinking about doing straight pipe on my 03 745li bmw
Karol mily
naturally was W210 E55 no kompressor byee
Frank Honeycutt
Looks like the rings are shot in that car. A lot of oil in the exhaust. Not a good sign
Frank Honeycutt
The dealership probably over torqued them studs.
Mr Mr
Neighbors gotta HATE your ass 😂😂😂👌🏼
Janvar Pitelkov
I have a e46 which has over 200k miles on it, it barely had any brushes left
Jerry Garcia
How do you have time for this. Do you have kids?. I'm just asking because I wish I had time for this type of stuff... You keep mentioning work, what do you work on to still have the energy to go work lol
Poor neighbors...sounds very similar to my old L83 Tahoe with long tubes
Benosimus Tit
Where can I get kit like this for my cl 500 w215 2003 ,
ps. sick sound on that c63
Ryan Barrimore
alex you need the tool which you use for tapping holes  the one where you put the threading tap into and tighten from both sides  im sure you know what I mean. you will be able to get a lot more torque onto the stud rather than using a wrench.
I love that your neighbors opened up the blinds when you were driving it up and down the street
Yabby Gideon
You got a clean C63 AMG, my dude. Ive been thinking about getting a 2000-2003 S210 E320 wagon over an Acura TSX, but lately I've been thinking more of the TSX, but now watching this, it's time to man up and go get a Benz now.
BrotherMan Nick
Ha, brings back memories from doing the same on an e55 (rubs knuckles from the pain)
I tried that and i got my 2 nuts 🥜 stuck between the engine mounts and the frame
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The CAR WIZARD finds a wiring nightmare! Installing Headers On The LAST Naturally 2 days ago   15:01

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