How Patriots reacted to Josh Gordon's DeAngelo Hall : Alvin Kamara 2 months ago   11:11

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How Patriots reacted to Josh Gordon's 1st touchdown? | Undisputed 10/05/18

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Dan Moreno
Josh Gordon will be a huge factor this year!
Greg T
Tom Brady cheating mf
I'd take any Undisputed girl over Molly everyday.
It would have been nice if the video would have reflected the title. Learn editing kids!
Phil Joyce
Damn Shannon leave the bias at home....
Skip would deepthroat Tom Brady if given the opportunity 🙄
Grove Money
Seems like a body weight rule is just to save qbs n obviously it's white qbs who can't run cuz if u black n athletic u get drilled like everyone else lol Ayo why u think they want freedom movement don't touch the 3 pt shooter in nba haha haha it's all good
Daniel Wyche
Skip Bayless is ridiculous
I'm all for smart kick ass women contributing, but as much as I enjoy this show I get so frustrated with the obligatory female sitting silent in the corner! Why cant she contribute? Either include her or get her out. You do us no favors by having us sit silently in the corner only to be referred to in order to break up your arguments
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DeAngelo Hall : Alvin Kamara How Patriots reacted to Josh Gordon's 2 months ago   10:29