Ed Sheeran - Galway Girl feat. 소울충만한 Shape of you 공연 실황(Ed 4 months ago   03:07

Ed Sheeran
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black slimpolar
He's sooo coooll
what a performance great crowd amazing instruments used
Scott Stevenson
U had to walk 5k to get to the concert
Vero Abey
Gosh I live in Sri Lanka and I’m just resigned to the fact that I’ll never experience something like this. 😭😭
Achintya Gaur
He is so fuckin talented his songs and his live performances have no difference its like he has a studio in his throat. SALUTE TO U ED❤️
Zyren Frye
You could tell from his performance and clothing. A humble man. And talented too.
Patricia Estela
Te amo Ed Sheeran
That crowd was awesome!
Hugo Gsrcia
Super cool
NeilPrasad 1905
Since there is no beat heard in this video, I could beatbox
Mc Lovin
My Favorite part is @0:00 - 3:06
Brenda Brown
There is nothing Ed can’t sing. Love this song. He is just so amazing 👏🏼♥️🌹♥️
Sudama Rohan Kumar
Haha the others artists present at billboard awards be like 😲😲😲
Bingar Asmara
i wish i can watching ed's performance live :'( its to expnsv
Melanie RIDING
Ed Sheeran has to be the coolest person on this Planet Earth!!
Lindsay Sears
Love you Ed 💚☘️💚
Benjamin Williams
Those 886 don't know a good artist if he wasn't singing right in front of them lol
There's something so beautiful about this performance + the crowd
Neem Carry
can we say he's raping
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소울충만한 Shape of you 공연 실황(Ed Ed Sheeran - Galway Girl feat. 4 months ago   04:48

Ed Sheeran - Shape of you 라이브/한글자막/가사해석/KORSUB
원본출처 : https://goo.gl/DPYVa2