Marcus Aurelius: How to Think Clearly Want to sound like a leader? 2 days ago   09:30

The Art of Improvement
Meditations by Marcus Aurelius


At 17, Marcus Aurelius was adopted. It made him heir to the throne of Rome.

Born into a wealthy family, Aurelius was primarily raised in the household of his grandfather. Both his parents passed away relatively early in his life.

From the start, his defining characteristic was his pursuit of knowledge. He was drawn to philosophy, and he was particularly interested in Stoicism — a subset based on the notion that behaviors, not thoughts or words, should define virtue.

According to legend, the old Emperor Hadrian took notice of him after a brush with death, and impressed with a young Aurelius, Hadrian adopted him into his line of succession.

Aurelius upheld his duty to the state for over 20 years, through the death of Hadrian and throughout the rule of Antoninus Pius, until the day he became the Emperor of Rome.



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The Art of Improvement
Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
Archetype Bias
“If you are pained external events, it is not them that harm you but your judgement of them, it is within your power to overcome these judgments now” - Marcus Aurelius, philosopher king. If you study stoicism it has the power to change your perspective of handling day to day life. Stoicism Birthed Christianity which was heavily manipulated for the worse, I’m glad to see the stoic movement is gaining traction en masse
Karl Laphong
Decide to learn to think more clearly and work to over come unclear thinking. WE are all over whelmed with too much information and most of us do not even realize it. This is what we call stress. We live inside the fog of our own mind.
ben dover
Its so great to be in todays time with its collection of knowledge and experiences passed down from almost mythical eras.wonder how future modern scholars would see todays era among others.
Lone wolf productions
i had that book in my teens
ki daniels
Journaling can be extremely helpful and highly suggest it.
Jesse Galloway
Nothing good ever came from thinking clearly
Rogelio Ayala
So.. you want me to write just to sneak into my work and get in my mind lol 🤔 SMH y'all messed that up already.
Urban Woodworking
All appeal to our desires but no pearls of wisdom
Devilin Bilé
first utube video watch in 2019, well for a while as well, impressive and well made well done, although if I may offer some criticism, the appeal's to (cartman accent) authority ... was a little overdone, if the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge say 1+1=2 or wee jock mcplop the toilet cleaner at the municipal sewage works say 1+1=2 ... which argument is more or less correct because of their title and position ? the argument is everything, title position may hold some historical relevance but little else, thank you for reading this
Tom Gandy
If Marcus Aurelius was such a clear thinker, why did he make Commodus, a clearly flawed person, his successor?
James Verhoff
You lost me at (paraphrasing) "He saw the world as it was, rather than how he wanted it to be". He may have been a good philosopher, but he most definitely had blind spots--take, for example, his wife, who's chastity he praises in the introduction to his Meditations. He was either speaking incredibly ironically, or was unaware that she had basically prostituted herself to most of the Senate at that point (okay, maybe not quite that bad--but his contemporaries put it in such terms, and she certainly wasn't chaste or loyal)! Then there was his son, something that any discussion of Marcus Aurelius must address; that apple fell FAR from the tree!
i resort to two zig zags in my bag and a colt 45 and one on the side ..bang bang
kenna ortega
Very good information but kill the music please.
Perhaps you should stop thinking that the Earth has no privileged position in the universe and rethink the Copernican Principle.  Ever consider that?  Or do you just assume the Copernican Principle is correct?  We happen to be in a very privileged position in the universe.  If we weren't in the VERY position, life would not exist--that's privilege!

Stop looking at things the way you want them to be and consider that.
Dave Ridlespriger
I've already thought about it???
Zorka Kelly
thank you
Pat TheHombre
I'm a Democrat therefore I am illiterate. How will I journal then....?
What's the difference between this world with all life extinct and a world in which life never evolves on earth
It's the energy we dissipate, the increase in entropy we bring about, it's all that matters, it's all that we leave behind
You can create the most entropy by living a virtuous life, live in accordance with nature, and focus on the greatest good your actions can make
Be rational
If you are reading comments you are not focusing on the message.
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Want to sound like a leader? Marcus Aurelius: How to Think Clearly 2 days ago   15:33

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