35 INSANE Solo Goals Of The Year Lihat!!! Detik-Detik saat Son Heung-Min 2 months ago   11:13

35 Insane Solo Goals Of The Year 2018 ft. Mohamed Salah, Lionel Messi, Eden Hazard, Heung-Min Son, Neymar etc. If you enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe for new videos!

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CJ Russ
As a West Brom fan I was disappointed to not see Dwight Gayle’s goal against Stoke city. That Bergkamp turn into a dummy to goal was amazing.
Qazi Shahid
Ousmane Dembele's solo goal vs Tottenham is missed badly here
Joshua Roney
Alan Hutton 💜💙
Ramon - Shane Samuels
Noticed no cr7 lol penaldo messi goat
Amro Mohamed
You will never see Ronaldo on this list
The Great Neymar
Neymar best player Neymar the great one of football
Khoa Nguyen
you missed Dembele goal vs Spurs
a candra
Nunes's goal was God like 😈😈😈
Syed Abdul Nasir
Muhammad Salah 💜
Kalyan Shome
Designer Kwon
Only!!! Son!!!!! Best player
Korea Let's go
Mbah Perez
Where's dembele's goal vs Tottenham??😞😞😞😣😣😒
Sheldon Montgomery
Rca has a sponsored team? Lol
When Ronaldo isn't in the thumbnail
8:25 JUMO!!!!!
Dembélé against Spurs ?
Star69 Stay schemin2
When fifa rates malcom higher than dembele then you wonder 🤔
Star69 Stay schemin2
If ousmane dembele isnt there with atleast three clips issa lie
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Lihat!!! Detik-Detik saat Son Heung-Min 35 INSANE Solo Goals Of The Year 2 months ago   02:54

KASIHAN ...!!! -__-"


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