Missing Singaporean kayakers: Woman's Across Borders with Dr Farish 2 days ago   01:41

Malaysia authorities said a body, which they suspected was female, had been found in Kemaman, off Terengganu, in the case of the missing Singaporean kayakers. They had notified the family of Ms Puah Geok Tin. Ms Puah's family left Mersing on the afternoon of Aug 14 for Kemaman.

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Cereal Killer
Condolences to the Family.
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Across Borders with Dr Farish Missing Singaporean kayakers: Woman's 2 days ago   22:47

Dr Farish examines the clampdown on the marine border between Malaysia and the Philippines. He finds that people on both sides are paying the price for an armed incursion into Sabah. It’s an area where Dr Farish spent part of his childhood, so this story is personal for him.

Across Borders with Dr Farish has won "Best Documentary Series" (International Affairs) at the New York Festivals 2015.