HOW SMART IS LEICESTER? Get to Know Leicester (Is it TRASH?! & Baiting 9 months ago   07:08

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Im from leicesrer :)
1:32 holy shit i know this guy
Tizzy T
Wow never thought I would lose my braincell watching this 😵😵
i KNEW that white girl would get the London one wrong as soon as i saw her thinking 💀
LCFC 2016
Not very!!like most UK cities now Leicester is a shithole....and yes I know I've lived there all my life..
grear video
lee taylor
Dilan goes somewhere called play barn
problemz beatsz
what camera do you record with ?
Steph x
I know 2 of them, kaiden and Ellie
Alex Woods
Why is this wasteman tryna make Leicester people sound dumb ? He’ll get knocked out
5:14 the black kid in the background...
Bruh, were u at high cross btw I'm from leicester
ACS 88
5:55 his dads going to bang him?!
Can some british people tell me what he ask @3:50
Im Not a native Speaker btw
I found this looking for videos of people in Leicester, it was actually pretty entertaining, I feel like you're never gonna let them get that money though haha
Celine Odoki
Oversally the white didn’t get it
Irina Ten
How smart is the title? You can still be smart, and bad in geography.
looll ik one of dem
A once great City, now populated by a bunch of bloody retards
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Get to Know Leicester (Is it TRASH?! & Baiting HOW SMART IS LEICESTER? 9 months ago   12:19

Thanks to everyone who participated & helped in the making of the video. Big shoutout to Arnold for his phone! I would tag everyone down below but there was too many people I can’t lie. Gonna be doing more of these videos a lot more hopefully. If you have any video ideas, feel free to comment them down below. Don’t forget to share with your friends & subscribe!!